The Clansman Beard Company

We are a small family run business who make our oils/balms/butters in small batches. 

Months of researching multiple formulas have led us to where we are today. 

We have used the highest quality oils & butters to bring you the beard care you deserve.

We believe we bring you some of the finest products money can buy for beard care.


Our oils will leave you with healthy skin under your beard to help with facial hair growth.


We believe a balm should have holding qualities so our balm is a light to medium hold, this helps with styling your beard and keeping it in place.

Too many balms are on the market which are actually butters in our opinion, ours does what it says on the tin. Conditions & holds!


Our butter is just pure conditioning, just a little pot of goodness waiting to cuddle your beard & give it the beard care it deserves.


We are The Clansman Beard Company!