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The Storslyn Saga - FaceFur

The Storslyn Saga has reached its second review where I dive deeper into the beard balm. If you would like to check out my opinion of Storslyn beard oil then please click here.

Outside The Tin

The balm comes as a 30ml variant, stored in a black, metal screw top container with label stickers on the top and bottom. Whilst the tin itself is nothing special and widely used, FaceFur carry on their outstanding branding theme with the copper colour reflecting any light, making the product eye catching in virtually all environments. Just like the oil, I have a "reviewer" product which has slightly different labelling than a consumer bought item. Labelling concerns may seem insignificant and are often overlooked by many reviewers, users or companies themselves however these small things add up when trying to perfect your brand. Within 48 hours of my last review, Annette addressed all labelling issues I mentioned, which I think is outstanding to take a constructive criticism and corrected it so quickly. This shows Annette is focused on ensuring what she is doing is top quality within every aspect of her company.

The 30ml balm costs £8.99 which in my opinion is priced very competitively at the current market value.

Inside the Tin

The balm uses a different blend of base carriers from the oil which is interesting and a new approach than most companies considering the oil and balm are still part of the same range rather than a premium / basic separation. Using sweet almond oil, virgin argan oil, hemp seed oil as the carrier blend combined with unrefined mango butter and Cheshire beeswax. Hemp seed oil is a big favourite of mine yet it brings problems of its own as it can produce a slight odour which can throw off the final aroma however the additional benefits which is brings can easily outweigh the risks. A fantastic mix of high grade ingredients keeping a consistent 5 ingredient mixture throughout the creation process. Introducing unrefined mango butter and Cheshire beeswax will help to further soften and ultimately style your beard into shape. FaceFur appear to use some of the finest ingredients and it's something they are proud to show off. These are not just any old ingredients, these are FaceFur ingredients.

The scent is described as "A rich intoxicating aroma of honey flower, crushed tobacco, warm amber, tonka bean and sandalwood. Hints of patchouli, leather, and bourbon on the rocks." This is obviously no different than the Storslyn beard oil which comes as a pre blend fragrance oil ready to make your nose tingle with excitement and in to quote Annette herself "it will make your partner want to follow you around the house"

The Review

Storslyn beard balm is a medium leading towards firm set balm with a pale yellow, beeswax style finish. The balm is released from the tin easily enough and reduces down after just a few rubs. It has a smooth consistency, void of any large lumps or bumps which is consistent with small batch brands. The balm is easily manageable with a slight tacky feel indicating the potential balm hold, yet it glides into your beard to tuck away most hairs with ease. As it is a medium hold then it does lack the power for a true pinstripe look however it has ample strength to manage most beards into a decent style. The balm has a great amount of longevity hold which I found would last throughout the day but when hairs started to become affray, then another comb through would reset the style but with a little less strength. I found the product very nourishing despite being a balm which when your looking for a styling product and you receive added lushness then its a massive bonus.

The scent profile in my opinion is very slightly different than the beard oil and this is not uncommon to see. Using new ingredients compared to just the oil can change the overall scent aroma but this can be adjusted before the safety testing by tweaking the fragrance oil levels. Its still strong, warming, floral and sweet yet it lacks the cutting edge compared to the oil alone. Perhaps the hemp seed oil has slightly tainted the aroma or even the beeswax but whatever has changed, it has slightly dulled the strength of the fragrance aroma. The potency of the aroma holds within your beard for around the 3 hour mark, if used with a unscented oil however mixing it with the Storslyn oil and you do get a bit more longevity for your and partners pleasure.

The Conclusion

I feel Storslyn beard balm is designed to work hand in hand with the beard oil to give you the maximum benefits rather than a standalone product. Deep nourishment using grade A ingredients at competitive market prices. Using the product as stand alone item, I feel it does everything it needs to and then a little more but still lacks a little VaVaVoom due to the slightly dulled aroma. The balm does a very nice job providing hold and surprisingly good nourishment, the scent profile is amazing but lacks the punch compared to the oil itself. I still think that its a fantastic product to have in your beard care collection but mixing it with the oil is where you will get the most benefits. Branding is fantastic from FaceFur and in my opinion keeps this company up there as a stand out operation. Customer service is also up there with some of the best I have experienced. Annette takes no prisoners as I have had the pleasure of having her on a podcast session (click here) yet she is one of the most helpful and chatty owners I have had the pleasure of experiencing.

If your going to buy this then I highly recommend it as part of a combo deal in order to get the maximum out of the scent longevity and potency, which in my opinion upgrades the overall desire of the product. If You haven't invested in FaceFur yet then I highly recommend you to look into them, or at least drop Annette a message to find out why your partner will love these scents.

If You Would Like To Buy Anything From FaceFur Please Click Here

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