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The Green Knight, Protector Of The King Of Beards

King Of Beards is a new company diving head first into the small batch community, additionally new members of the UK Beard Portal. If you want to have a chat with them, find them on Instagram or even better, get up close and personal within the Discord chat by clicking this link.

Enough of the formalities and external links which take you away from the the most import thing you will read today, lets get into the nitty gritty and find out if the Green Knight can save my beard from dryness or does this Knight need to be sent back to the round table?

Firstly I'm going to state loud and proud that I have fallen in love with the simplistic branding set forth from King Of Beards. A solid glass, deep azure blue for the bottle with silver screw top lid pulls away from the typical browns, green or black bottles which become associated with beard oils. A white wrapped label, crisp and clean writing with a simplistic logo allows for minimalistic feel yet eye catching none the less. A label which appears to be spot on regards to legalities with all ingredients, warnings, batch numbers and everything else strategically placed so it doesn't throw-out the design. A product which feels sturdy, and glistens like it could easily be a Lapis Lazuli gem given to a King himself.

An ingredient list which follows an overall tried and tested formulae, which consists of Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E Oil. Overall a blend which feels a little safe and conservative considering the stunning bottle which contains it, yet blends like this can often stray foul or be glorious depending on the final ratio of ingredients.

Green Knight doesn't pull too far away from the minimalistic theme with Rosewood and Cedarwood being the only scent ingredients. This combination is rather interesting for myself as Rosewood is a scent which is rarely used by brands where as cedarwood seems to be the staple for every company producing a "woodlands" aroma. I like this introduction of slightly different scents and it intrigues me to see how a the woodsy tones of cedarwood can be balance by the Rosewood or will the cedarwood be simply too overpowering for the delicacy of the Rosewood oil?

As a beard oil, I have found Green Knight to be a slight enigma which has created numerous questions within my head over its usage. The ingredient blend is extremely light and fast absorbing which astounding me at points. The product is free pouring as there is no pipette to use, so quite often within the morning glory (not my personal morning glory) I would be using way too much oil, as my attention span and body functions fail me until I have finished my caffeine filled cup of hot beverage. Yet no matter how much product made its way onto my beard, it never felt heavy or drowned in the golden elixir of beard oil goodness. You would presume that a heavy pour would also mean a extended period before the product absorbed into my skin and it would sit uncomfortably on my face fuzz, yet this wasn't the case. I feel that I could potentially use a whole bottle in a single use and my beard/skin would still feel incredibly light. Whilst a fast absorbing oil is fantastic, there are slight draw backs. After around 4 or 5 hours my hair follicles would begin to feel like they could do with a top up but thanks to the Jojoba there was enough residue to prevent the dreaded itch. I could literally go 10 hours and not feel a thing apart from a slight dryness deep within the beard hairs themselves. A sacrifice which I could happily live with as my skin felt hydrated and healthy, and this comes from someone who has tried a wide variety of products from THICC oils (yes I spelt that right) back down to some very thin oils. King Of Beards has placed itself firmly within the thin/medium viscosity however outcompetes virtually everything within the same market for absorption. If you are someone who likes to fiddle and touch with your beard then this is a product which is ideal for your daily needs. There's only ever a small amount of residue left on your beard hairs, which means there is only ever a small amount of transfer back onto your hands. I don't condone touching yourself (dirt bastards) but it's a habit which some many do throughout the day.

Green Knight as a scent which has deep rooting aromas, and heavily infused with the idea of nature. Powerful musky aromas dominate the immediate area with dulcet tones of sweetness swiftly faded into the background. These sweet tones are unfortunately massively overpowered and the Green Knight feels like it's swinging a blunt clubhead rather than exquisitely sharpened sword. It feels drastically overpowered and unbalanced with too much emphasis on an aroma which is used in a majority of products. The Cedarwood and Rosewood do mix together nicely however in my humble opinion I have found that by the time you begin to enjoy any floral sweetness, then your nostril quickly becomes bullied by the other aromas, leaving you with little time to enjoy a Ying/Yang harmony of earthy and floral.

If you are the type of person who enjoys the deep musky, and almost raw wood aromas then this is up your street however for someone who spends 99% of their work life in woodlands, it just fails to capitalising on the multitude of delicate aromas which could be infused to really bring this scent to life.

Overall, whilst the aroma is not a personal favourite, however I still really enjoyed the product. King Of Beards have produced a really solid beard oil which I feel is designed for small beards, or if paired with a beard butter/balm then it could really step up your beard care routine for guys with a more full on or thicker beard. Absorption rate is probably one of the best out there, with enough to keep you going for a large portion of the day without facing the itch monster.

Is there room for improvement? Yes of course there is but I don't think it's necessarily within the beard oil mixture as it has all the elements which will please a large majority of users. I feel this particular scent could do with more work, however with a secondary review which will focus on the "Arthur", I will be able to outline if the Green Knight was a chink in the armour of a brand who could have a interesting future.

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