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The CBD Reaper Is Coming For You

This product has been hand chosen by Darryl to represent The CBD Reaper and is produced by Doctor Greens.

The base ingredients include Apricot Oil, Almond Oil, Vitamin E, CBD and Essential Oils. On the packaging it states to use once a day so as a result I was using the product as a night oil only.

Opening the bottle an immediate medicinal scent is released which in comparison to the normal earthy scents is actually quite nice and palatable which combined with a evening shower makes the scent quite enjoyable as it makes you feel "de-contaminated"

The oil has a medium viscosity which is great for thicker beards however it does leave a considerable amount of residue on your hands.

A big benefit of using CBD products is its calming effect which admittedly I felt I had better night sleeps when using it. I have always enjoyed a lavender or similar scent for night time oils and this product is outstanding for that.

Another benefit of CBD useage is to ease skin irritation. Using this product in the night time and not once did in wake up in the morning with a scratchy beard actually it almost felt I could skip the morning routine (I never did though)

Overall for me it's a great night time oil and definatley one of my better oils for that purpose. I wouldn't use it during the day simply because the smell would be a little overpower at 5am. The benefits are clear to see with about two weeks worth of usage. My beard feels good, I have been sleeping better and overall enjoyed using the product.

Would I continue to use this product after the review?

Yes I probably would but once again only as a dedicated evening oil or as a weekend oil after a long week at work.

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