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The Bald Viking during a "Beserkers Rage"

The Bald Viking is run by Callum who is based out of Hertfordshire. The Bald Viking Brand is a brand known for being borderline antagonistic on their social media platform which accumulates in a strong following of no BS characters, who want good products without the side of snowflake.

This is my first experience with The Bald Viking, allow me to become fully emerged within The Beserkers Rage oil and a baptism of fire, which I will not forget any time soon.

Outside The Bottle

The oil is encapsulated within a green 50ml bottle with a pipette style applicator. Using the larger bottle to their advantage this allows a nice clear logo to protrude at the front which catches your eye from the off. A simplistic bald skull with a beard is a widely used theme unfortunately but still effective none the less.

The typical legal mumbo jumbo is all located on a card which is tied to the bottle. On the card you will find every scrap of legality writing from batch number, company address, ingredients in common and Latin form, allergens, directions for use and even additional extras. This type of information is sometimes missed by new start up companies however it's one area The Bald Viking can not be faulted.

Although the Viking theme is very popular I think The Bald Viking does a nice job standing out from a saturated market. The large 50ml bottle draws attention in a line up of other oils, with the green bottle being uncommonly used, which equates to a brand which has a slight edge compared to some competitors.

Inside The Bottle

When it comes to carrier blends then there's not many which take a more simplistic approach. A mixture of 2 oils make up the base which are Ricinus Comminus (Castor Oil) and Prunus Dulcis (Sweet Almond Oil). Admitingly a rather non adventurous blend however this mixture allows The Bald Viking to enter a illustrious and exclusive division of having a "THICC" oil which has been established with only one other competitor (click here)

The scent profile is of an essential oil purists dream, consisting of Citrus Nobilis (Mandarian), Citrus Aurantium (Neroli) and Citrus Limonum (Lemon). A fresh citrus aroma which is aimed to be refreshing yet powerful for your senses.

The Review

The Beserkers Rage beard oil has provided an experience which has been exciting, empowering and brutal all at the same time. The 50ml bottle is harbouring a THICC oil which guards your beard from nastiness for around 8 hours. An oil which is more reminiscent of a soft balm, it gives a thick coating which can eclipse and smother hair follicles yet provides a slight hold to style your beard into a basic fashion. Slow penetration of the oil gives a fantastic longevity throughout the day, especially to outdoor workers. A slight dryness begins to kick in around the 8 hour mark however its far from finished with a couple of additional hours which can be extracted without the dreaded itch.

The scent profile is punchy, floral and zesty with a balance which fights like enraged warriors in battle. A fierce war between citrus zest of Orange Vs Lemon which is settled by the floral, which is enticing to users who like a punchy aroma. The summer scent is perfect for warm days which provide aromas similar to a Mediterranean Orchard during growing season. A fragrance which is much like a bloodbath battle which is savage and unfortunately brief which tops out at around 4 hours.

The Conclusion

The Bersekers Rage is an oil which has entered into one of my favourites. The thickness of the oil is a personal preference which suits me perfectly as an outdoor worker. The thickness of the oil can be slightly overwhelming and unusual, which can take a while to get used to however with perseverance then its something which gives outstanding nourishment throughout the day. The scent longevity is something which in my opinion could be improved however for the extended oil nourishment then I'm happy to accept the sacrifice.

An experience which I fully enjoyed and I recommend everyone to give The Bald Viking an opportunity to grace your beard follicles.

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