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Sweet Sweet Botanic Nectar by BigPhat Beard

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

BigPhat Beard are an exciting company which have been exploding out of Northern Ireland. Consumers are craving their beard products all around the world, with their products getting mentioned in many reviewers top 5 within 2020. Small stumbling blocks by losing their Instagram page to spam accounts have not deterred them by proving why they should be up their with some of the big companies in the UK Beard Industry. It's fantastic getting into this position however being a reviewer I'm rather sceptical at times about "fake reviews" (check my blog post here) so I will take on the challenge of reviewing the Botanic Nectar oil and balm combo

John from BigPhat Beard prides himself on customer service and creating a personal touch with his clients. This individualised experience creates a fantastic bond with the clients and creates a platform where you can return asking for help on general grooming tips plus you get to enter the private Facebook page where other clients chat and show off their BigPhat products, creating a great community.

What's outside the bottle?

BigPhat Beard choses to use a rectangular bottle to carry its oils with a matte black wrap and logos which will have a different colour depending on the scent. The bottle does a fantastic job making itself stand out from other companies using the traditional round bottles and the colouration change makes it easy to identify different scent profiles.

The balms are carried in a black oval, screw top metal tin with a nice big logo and colour font to distinguish between the scents. The tin itself is widely used and does slightly morph into the background with others however the big logo on the front does restore order allowing the product to be eye catching.

What's inside the bottle?

BigPhat Beard prides themselves on using all natural products which runs deep through the company ethos and into their products. A natural theme runs into the product ingredients with Latin names being used but don't worry I got you covered.

Within the oil we can find :

Golden Jojoba - Reduces the amount of natural sebum build up which promotes healthier beard growth. A natural moisturising agent which reduces beard breakages.

Organic Castor - Creates a non greasy shiny for a lush beard, increases blood flow circulation to hair follicles which promotes healthy growth.

Grapeseed - Similar to Jojoba is acts as a cleansing agent to remove excess sebum which reduces hair growth however also helps increase blood flow to the hair follicles.

A fantastic base of carrier oils put into the oil but what about the balm?

Shae Butter - Used as a beard softness to allow better grooming of your mane. Better conditioning for your beard ultimately leads to reduced breakages and hair loss.

Beeswax - Keeps your beard soft and shiny but the goal is to provide styling and strength to ensure your beard stays in place.

Grapeseed - Also used in the oils its acts as a cleansing agent to reduced excess sebum and increases blood flow hair follicles.

Golden Jojoba - Another product used in the oils it reduces the amount of natural sebum build up which promotes healthier beard growth. A natural moisturising agent which reduces beard breakages.

Overall the ingredients do not stand out as being massively adventurous and are widely used within the industry as know products which are fantastic at creating a healthy beard however not being adventurous is not always a bad thing.

BigPhat Beard uses natural oils, example Golden Jojoba instead of clear Jojoba. These are unrefined products which means they tend to have a slightly lower shelf life however the process in capturing these ingredients have not damaged base integrity and allows the product to be in almost its purist form. Refined products can loose some of its goodness in comparison however gain other benefits like longer shelf life. Its a win / lose situation however for John natural is always best I will be creating a full breakdown blog soon for refined vs unrefined oils.

The scent profile for Botanic Nectar is another simplistic combination of only three ingredients.

Lavender - Widely recognised as a plant used to help sleep deprivation, anxiety, stress and other conditions by helping to reduce blood pressure and relax individuals. A study also suggests it could help with hair loss however further investigation is needed.

Bergamot - Commonly used in aromatherapy to alleviate stress and to help increase a positive mood. There are also studies which indicate it can lower cholesterol levels and reduce inflammation (not that anyone shaves and cuts themselves)

Ylang-Ylang - Another fantastic product to raise your mood, reduce depression and anxiety. Studies also show oil production within the skin and scalp.

How's Do The Products Perform?

Botanic Nectar is a very smooth and trouble free aroma with overall aims to relax and alleviate any worries. Lavender is the main scent which pulls through immediately when the bottle is released with subtle undertones of sweet / sharper citrus which almost feels weighty as if it wants to cling to your beard. These are released from a mixture of bergamot and ylang-ylang floating behind the lavender which provides a sweeter twist to the traditional lavender aroma. The lavender holds its scent but the sharper citrus slowly fades leaving a sweetness as the aroma mellows and lifts from your beard leaving a soothing essence. The lavender slowly fades around the 6 hour mark however the base oils continue to nourish further pushing towards the 10 hour mark with no issues. As the scent profile fades away so does the heaviness of the oil, creating a symbolic feeling of relieving stress from weighted shoulders. The oils feel extremely nourishing, soaking within your skin and beard very quickly however the Castor oil sits comfortably over your beard hairs producing a soft shine.

The balm is very firm holding which feels like it sometimes need a magic password to be released from the tin. A strong fingernail may be required however upon release a super smooth texture forms within the palm of your hands. The rub down does need a little bit of heat to ensure it melts thoroughly but once fully melted it's very manageable when applying. The balm initially doesn't feel to different than a hair product when first applying, ensuring you get into all of your hairs for maximum management. A slight comb through and styling allows the balm to settle and keep in check those unruly hairs. As the balm is a firm hold it does a fantastic job keeping everything in check which for someone with a long beard is essential. Despite the balm being so firm once its warmed and applied it doesn't go back to feeling like a solidified unit however it feels exceeding nourishing and keeps your beard feeling soft and mouldable. The balm lasts a full day and probably more if I wanted it to. The strength on the balm is exceptional and there's truly is minimal disruption unless you play with your beard on a constant basis which if you are then you need to STOP!


The oil is simply fantastic and extremely nourishing. It absorbs in quickly and creates a lasting feeling from morning to night. Which is essential when fighting the winter weather.

The balm is super strong but creates fantastic nourishment which once again lasts all day and doesn't feel too heavy within your beard. My criticism is that it won't be to everyone's taste and it will simply be lost within smaller beards due to its strength.

The scent profile is another fine example of simple things done right with a great longevity period despite being made up of top and middle note aromas in a soft scented mixture.

BigPhat Beard does things simple but does things right. If you can't do the basics right then don't go any further. John proves that using only 3 carrier oils and 3 scent aromas are enough to create something fantastic. Using natural and well sourced ingredients are also a big indication that John knows his stuff, as I have seen similar oil formulations fall flat on their face because lack of product knowledge. BigPhat Beard for me are one of the best within the UK market aimed at medium to long beards.

If you would like to purchase anything from BigPhat Beard then click on the link and use code DOCK10 for 10% discount.

For anyone else interested in another review for the BigPhat Beard Woodchop scent then click on the link for another trusted reviewers opinion The Bearded Brit.

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