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Skin Asylum Or Insane Asylum?

Skin Asylum is a new and upcoming brand specialising is skin and beard care based in the UK.

They are releasing a new Rouge 540 beard balm designed to soften those stubborn beard hairs and provide nourishment to the skin.

The packaging design is a stunning example of how to get clients to recognise your brand in a densely populated industry. The holographic design shimmers off of any light and the backwards "S" in the name makes your eyes jump straight towards to this product to double check it. Despite knowing the tricks they brought to the table I was still constantly double check the name on the label.

**unfortunately the tin is a standard black screw top which is used by many other companies and takes away from the uniqueness of the label.

*The product itself is pumped full of carrier oils like Jojoba, Argon, Grapeseed, Swert Almond, Castor mixed with Shae Butter, Beeswax then sweetened with coconut oil, sandalwood, calderwood and fragrance oils. There is a very small grainy effect to the balm which could be a due to the large selection of carrier oils used during the cooking / cooling period however a quick rub and it disappears producing a soft substance.

The scent profile is a soft, sweet fragrant with hints of an aftershave esque profile which lingers strongly for a solid 5+ hours and slowly starts to diminish after this point however on less active days the scent profile will last longer.

The balm is soft hold which which is easily manipulated from the tin. The balm allows for management of general beard hairs and keeps everything tucked away however don't expect a moustache twirl as it's simply not that type of product. The balm and its ingredients shine through when it comes to nourishing your beard leaving it silky soft.

This product is perfect for gents with small to medium sized beard who wants general management and a feel good scent to bolster a smart / casual dress profile.

A Brilliant label design apart from a few blemishes due to the sticker and a widely used tin. Above average scent profile however not quite long enough for a days work. A really nice fragrance smell which can be used in all circumstances however a oil is still needed which unless its unscented can easily overpower the balm.

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