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Shire Spirits Candle

Whilst on a whole I keep my reviews to the men's grooming sector I do occasionally branch of and explore other territories like a hobbit on and adventure. This path has lead me over to Shire Spirts during its first batch of candle deployment to users. Whilst the name doesn't seem to have any relevance to candles it's only until you start checking out the scent profiles where the connection begins to align. Candles inspired and themed around popular alcoholic beverages with also provide you with a great drinking glass after your candle is finished. A simple and clever connection created by a Yorkshire man named Sean Cook, which completes the circle of understanding the name behind the band.


I can openly admit candles have never been my thing as the invention of electric light bulb quickly blew out the smouldering need of a flaming candle. Within recent times there has been a growing demand for candles again to create subtle moods, which are embossed with sensual aromas to fulfil a room however my demand for this is admittingly miniscule when I'm trying to kill a horde of zombies on my PS4 (the damn scalpers are stopping me from upgrading.) So with an "open mind" I opted for a Baileys inspired candle which tickled my fancy as Baileys is my all time alcoholic beverage despite the moaning whiskey drinkers reading this who already think they are better than me.

The Review

Shire Spirits candles comes fully wrapped and packaged to ensure nothing happens on it's perilous post office journey. Whilst some say less is more I respectfully disagree when your sending a glass container through the UK postal system.

The wax is held in a rounded glass tumbler ideal for a Baileys drink afterwards. The creamy white wick sits inside with the wick protruding high like a solider standing to attention. Whilst the wax colour does not mimic the natural colour of Baileys, however the scent floating off the candle gives a closer reverence to the product its inspired by.

Upon alighting the candle wick it burns with a small intensity, bright and florescent however not enough to cause glare but enough to provide a glimmering beacon in a dimly lit void.

The aroma which is released provides a flickering recollection of the Baileys inspiration by giving a softer, more milky variation of the aroma I love. Whilst Baileys is a very palatable aroma to most it does also come with a small kick found in previously opened bottles left to mature slightly through several drinking sessions. The candle does not provide the same kick, to which I'm thankful as the aroma released is more friendly, calming and slightly sweeter due to its milky essence which encapsulated its immediate surroundings even after the flame had been put out.

As the continual use of the candle wore down I found myself in anticipation for its end, yet not for the reason which most will think but I actually wanted to get my hands in the glass and test its suitable or worthiness to hold the product behind its inspiration.

The time come and despite a bit of scrubbing the glass was ready to carry on its journey into holder of the actual product it was previously inspired by. A glass, simple, effect but most importantly sufficient to hold my Baileys poured over ice to replicated the aroma which I enjoyed before.


Shire Spirits have done something really nice and different in a candle market which is currently booming. Alcoholic inspired scents may not come to mind as an immediate approach but I urge you to try one. As candles go, it does exactly what it's supposed to and provides light and a great aroma with a product to use afterwards. I love the scent as a Baileys lover and it provides enough potency to fill the room without it becoming over powering.

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