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A Premium Experience Part 2? With Beard Monsters

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Seriously Citrus balm produced by Beard Monsters and is part of their premium range. This is my final break down for their premium range which has allowed me the full Beard Monsters experience.

Outside The Tin

Seriously Citrus comes in an widely used silver screw top tin with appropriate labelling stuck on top and underneath. The silver tin is a classic, timeless look whilst it does nothing to truly stand out from the crowd, it does nothing wrong either. An impressive, larger than normal 60ml balm continues with Beard Monsters theme of more is better, which ultimately gives you more value for money.

Inside The Tin

Just like the premium oil range, the premium balm is jammed full with ingredients and goodness which pushes the boundaries for ingredients innovation.

[ ] Palm Oil - A fantastic product used to help with dry itchy beards but also helps protect against folliculitis due to its antimicrobial properties.

[ ] Coconut Oil - Anti-inflammatory properties used to aid healing your skin however also helps with softening your beard and reducing split ends, and potentially split from girlfriend's for bad beards.

[ ] Beeswax - Ultimately its used to provide the hold within a balm. The glue to keep everything sticking where it needs to.

[ ] Peach Kernel Oil - Creates a fantastic UV resistant layer and gives your beard a shiny coat.

[ ] Cocoa Seed Butter - A deep nourishing butter aimed to give glorious lush beards

[ ] Blackcurrant Extract - Relatively unused and and interesting ingredient. Aimed to thicken hair and help reduce shedding which is an important feature.

[ ] Lime Essential Oil - There's no seriously citrus without a citrus essential oil. Scents can help reduce stress and anxiety.

[ ] Jojoba Wax - This wonder product mimics the bodies natural oils and deeply penetrates the skins layers.

[ ] Avocado Butter - Amazing for treating damaged or frizzly hair which after one too many beard straightener uses its a great ingredient to have.

[ ] Vitamin E - Another booster thrown in by Beard Monsters to help with overall beard growth.

I did say there was a lot of ingredients and the list don't lie. This monstrous concoction will cover all basis to ensure your beard gets everything it needs but as always the more ingredients you add the harder it becomes to balance everything.

How Does The Product Perform?

Seriously Citrus stands by its word and produces a scent which is packed with a Seriously Citrusy scent. Before even opening the tin you can smell the aroma seeping through the tin lid giving off a powerhouse of a scent. The citrus blasts through and into your nostrils, decimating everything surrounding it. The aroma ploughs through at least an hour before it starts to settle down into a more mellow tone with the final lasting smooth citrus lasting around an additional hour at most. It's short and powerful like Gimli from Lord Of The Rings.

The balm itself is extremely smooth and soft which feels more like a poured butter rather than a balm. There is minimal hold with the balm and it keeps the odd straggly hairs in place but for me its provides more nourishment rather than any defining hold.

The balm sits really well in your beard for an easy 6+ hours with partial transfer if you start touching your beard (which you shouldn't be doing) but this is mainly due to the softness of the balm which sits around your beard and doesn't get absorbed immediately. It's a weigh up between hold or nourishment and it's clear to see what route Beard Monsters went down.


A really nice nourishing balm which sits lovely in your beard for a good portion of the day however it doesn't really stand out for me as something different. The tin is widely used, the labelling doesnt stand out but the aroma is potent and really lives up to its name however much like the infamous Connor McGregor it's super powerful in the early period however dies off pretty quickly after the first few punches. Premium range products are held at such a high standard at the moment, so despite the balm being really nice, the scent profile just ain't lasting long enough for my preference. Citrus scents are considered "top notes" so making them last past the initial period can be hard but combining them with other background scents (middle and base notes) are the key to pushing the boundaries but take nothing away from a brief period of fantastic aromas and longer nourishment in this little tin.

If You Would Like To Purchase The Seriously Citrus Beard Balm Please Click HERE

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