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Runesilk - Dark Night Providing You With A Great Sleep Or Nightmares?

Runesilk have made there way onto my website with their first review. Despite it being their first review on this website, I have had dealings with Runesilk in the past for a review under the infamous Bearded Bear Reviews page which I previously run. Runesilk are widely known and relatively well respected within the small batch community as being a brand for its aromatherapy style scents which pack a punch. Stepping away from the oils and I have taken up the challenge of reviewing the much loved "Dark Night" bed time butter. Before the review even begins I want to make it clear that despite it being labelled as a bed time butter, I decided to put it through its paces as a day AND night butter, to see if its as good as what the community says.

Outside The Tin

The product is kept in a 60ml black metal tin with a screw top lid. A black label with a light contrast of white and grey indicate the product name on the front which is extremely simplistic. The label doesn't stand out in a crowded draw however once you have it in hand there's no confusing what product it could be as there's simply no logo or anything else at all on the front. The rear logo takes the same simplistic form however it due to the legal mumbo jumbo needed, it begins to take a slightly more chaotic feel with writing being quite small and almost illegible in some points.

The tin stick with its branded theme of being "dark." I like the simplicity although it doesn't grab your attention, it also doesn't bombard you with any gimmicks excessive colour schemes.

Inside The Tin

The ingredients inside the tin define the product and can really make or break a product. Mixing Shea butter, Coco butter, Mango butter, Grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil, Argan Oil and Sea Blackthorn oil to create something traditional with a modern twist. Most of these ingredients can be found within out brands however Sea Blackthorn is an interesting twist which is rarely seen. A ingredient which has great nourishment qualities however can provide some issues due to a slight odour it emits. Argan oil is another product which is currently on the rise and is emerging to be another stunning product. Argan oil is widely used in women's hair products and transferring it into men's beards seems a seems less switch.

Rocking a scent profile of Lavender, Fennel, Clary Sage, Benzoin and Neroli seems another set of traditional and new scents emerging. Whilst lavender is always widely recognised as a night time ingredient back it with a powerful clary sage or fennel scent seems a little dangerously overpowering at the initial look however the benzoin and neroli will hopefully settle the concoction.

The Review

Dark Night has an aim to use its essential oil mix to ease you off to the land of ZzZzZz, it will sooth your worries and calm your disposition to ensure maximum relaxation. This statement feels like a a total misconception of what actually happens when the aroma is first released from the tin. Unscrewing the top releases a lavender sucker punch, enlaced with with a fierce warmth which penetrates your nostrils and rattles down into your throat. Its almost too much and can easily catch you off guard on your first use. The lavender is obviously the power behind the scent as this would be expected behind I night time butter however its backed with a fire which comes from the fennel like freshly cracked black pepper however there is a buzz of zest which flutters around behind which brings a sweetness. This power punching combination only lasts around an hour before the true magic starts to develop as the scent begins to settle The lavender slowly fades like an autumn plant and the warmth the the fennel begins to smoulder like a small ember however a deeper, sweet floral scent begins to arise from the ashes like a phoenix to provide a mix of the clary sage and benzoin. The herby, floral scent provided from the clary sage is softened by the benzoin which smoothers the aroma in a blanket of silky smoothness. Unfortunately this phoenix does fall away shortly offering roughly another 2 hours of aroma which pulsates around your beard and rustling through your nostrils. The mix of aromas are a really nice combination to help sooth stress and provide an overall calmness. It takes the traditional lavender aroma with a slight variation and uses the well know Runesilk freshness stamp to create something which feels on a level of its own.

The butter itself is whipped and "folded" to create and almost faultless texture which is crammed into every crevice within the tin. Its has a thicker consistency which is to be expected as its not double or triple whipped which most claim nowadays however that feeling gives the product its own unique consistency. A yellow / golden butter can be scraped from the tin in a wrinkled layer upon your finger nail. Rubbing the product together and it emulsify very well however due to its thicker consistency, then small chunks can slip between your fingers which means readjusting. It takes into your beard like any great butter and feels almost instantly nourishing. There is a slight weight when its sitting in your beard however this can be expected, but using this weight to your advantage and I actually found it would help ever so slightly straighten my beard pulling on your beard hairs. This thickness provides you with a nice soft hold to shape your beard nicely in a natural style very similar to a soft hold balm.

If applied during the night then come morning your beard will still be flourishing with a lovely rich nourishment however if you miss a morning application then the butter can still pull its weight to get you through the day with minimal bother and probably still out performing some oils applied in the morning. Use the butter during the day like a rebel and the scent profile and nourishment doesn't change at all. A punchy aroma lasting a few hours with a long last nourishing butter providing more styling hold than some soft balms and a better feel throughout the day.


Dark Night truly does a fantastic job creating a soothing aroma to help elevate general stress and anxiety which ultimately will guide you towards a better night sleep. The scent profile doesn't feel unique but rather a very good variation to a well known lavender profile. The butter itself is unlike most others and is somewhere between a whipped and poured butter, which in itself sets the product away from virtually everything else out there at the moment. Not everyone will like this thicker type of butter if they are used to the triple whipped style however its simply something which I feel you must try. Due to the shorter scent duration I feel that the branding in spot on as I don't intend to be awake for 8 hours after applying however I strongly feel that by using it during the day will still provide you with ample goodness to see you through a tiresome work day. Runesilk have done a stunning job and for me have created a product which is easily up there with some of the best thick butters on the UK market.

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