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Puore are a new company based in Huddersfield which specialise in CBD products. Checking out their website you can find everything from bath bombs, to gummies and oils however one thing you won't find on there (at the time of writing this review) is their Honey Oak CBD Beard Oil and Balm Combo. Yes that's right I managed to get my hands on another exclusive before launch.

What is CBD?

This is a complicated area to step into but to put it nice and simply, CBD is Cannabidiol and comes directly from the Hemp plant or for you Latin lovers Cannabis Sativa. I know for some people there may be alarm bells ringing, wondering if this is actually legal? Yes it's completely legal and a highly regulated area. In order for a CBD product to be considered safe for use then the actual CBD needs to come from an industrial hemp strain which is approved by the EU and also must not contain more than 0.2% THC. What's THC now you're asking? THC is the ingredient which gives that "high" feeling during other ways of consumption.

What are the benefits?

Whilst there are still ongoing studies, there has been strong links to loads of health benefits. The main benefit is to help with anxiety, which then further links onto sleeping disorders, post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) and general stress relive. Whilst the previously stated are the main benefits there are positive ongoing studies looking into CBD helping with pain relief, anti-acne, a neuroprotective agent to fight against diseases like Alzheimer's, and even anti-seizure benefits.

Please don't read this a feel CBD is a miracle ingredient because like most things there can be side effects and further studies are needed. If you feel like CBD could help you then talk to a professional and don't just order something off the internet.

Outside The CBD Beard Products

Now we have got past the CBD breakdown its time to look deeper into the beard products themselves. A 10ml beard oil combined with a small beard balm comes neatly packaged in a small box with product labelling on the front. They are not two items just thrown together but they actually come as a duo in order to compliment each other during use. The oil comes in a round, matt black glass bottle with a pipette style dispenser, whilst these are commonly used across the industry it brings nothing eye catching but they are used widely for a reason. The balm comes in a small plastic container with a screw top lid. The balm actually does stand out a little compared to the normal metal tins widely used so for me this was a little perk.

Inside The CBD Beard Products

Inside the beard oil consists of Jojoba, Argan Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Hemp Oil Extract (CBD) and Honey Oak fragrance oils. This general blend of oils except CBD is quite widely used and nothing exciting but like all mixtures unless done correctly it can be a mess. This blend is great for skin irradiation and general beard hair nourishment.

The beard balm consists of Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Butter, Beeswax, Hemp Oil Extract (CBD) and Honey Oak fragrance oil. This mix of ingredients is another fundamental set of ingredients for products now days with another focus on beard nourishment however different mixtures can turn balms from soft hold to firm holds by a few variants and great balms to terrible within the same mix.

How Do The Products Perform?

Reading the label and the oil says 4-5 drops, twice a day for someone with a long beard. This shocked me slightly as I can do the same amount just on one cheek but I went with it. The oils is thin branching into the medium viscosity with a nice sweet aroma where the honey bounces off the deeper earthy Oak. The smell is very reminiscent of a beehive area where the honey aroma lingers in the air, clinging to to nearby environment. The fragrance is lovely, not too sweet and not too earthy but a nice balance to create a soothing mixture. The oil scent and thickness barley touched my beard when using the recommended amount and it felt awful. It never gave me any satisfaction and it never absorbed into my skin. Increasing the dosage to my normal amount and it lasted round the 3 to 4 hour mark where it loses itself and the dry, hay like beard slowly re-emerges.

The balm has no direct instructions for usage which I'm pretty thankful for considering the oil. The balm is a soft hold and scoops from the pot nicely, then melts down as soon as you rub it together. Applying the balm and it went on well but it never gave any considerable hold, leaving most straggly hairs going where they wanted. The balm never really sat well in my beard and felt almost greasy at points. It never gave any real feeling of nourishment then suddenly the dreaded dryness would start to emerge through. Much like the oil it gave around 3-4 hours of "feeling" within the beard.

Using the two products combined never helped either which meant it wasn't because the products where being used singularly.


This products never hit the mark (or anything at all) and it was quite disappointing for me. The benefits of CBD products are fantastic, but combining the CBD benefits with using natural essential oils instead of fragrance oils and the benefits could multiply however using a single pre-mixed fragrance oil takes away what it could be. More R&D needs to go into these beard products before I think it can be a success as they feel thrown together in a rush and for someone who has a decent length beard and uses products on a daily basis, then this is no where it needs to be.

If You Would Like To Purchase From Puore Please Click HERE

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