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Ostara Magic To Get Eye To With Odin Himself

By Odins Beard Crafts are back for another lashing by seeking out their third review. Mixed results with an outstanding "Yule Magic" oil review however a slightly less enthusiastic review for the "White Magic" butter review. How will the "Ostara Magic" oil hold up compared to others? Either way I have loved my experience with By Odins Beard Crafts so far and I hope the experience continues after this review.

Outside The Bottle

No change in branding and still holding strong with the Viking theme. Whilst a slightly saturated theme within the market, By Odins Beard Crafts have gone down a slightly different route by using natural elements backed with magical branding. The wood pipette applicator top, brown bottle and tanned labeles are something I love which ties in perfectly with the natural elements of the branding.

Labelling is something which still needs correcting with a few key factors missing like batch numbers or company address however these issues are something which are being addressed slowly but overall minor issues. To check on the labelling needs check out my latest post here.

Inside The Bottle

By Odin's Beard Crafts are a brand which is making waves for creating a base blend which is more extravagant than Odins own ring Draupnir. The blend consists of a massive 10 ingredient carrier blend of Sweet Almond Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Hemp Oil, Apricot Kernal Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Castor Oil with additional Vitamin E for added bonus goodness. The argument of boring UK blends has been firing around the Instagram community at the moment and it's something which By Odins Beard Crafts can proudly laugh at like a true god who takes pitty on those below by using fantastic ingredients and a big blend of carrier oils.

Ostara Magic is a new scent which has been released and continues the magical theme. A blend of Mango, Bergamot, Rose, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Cedarwood creates the aroma which on paper ticks all the boxes covering different scent notes.

Looking at the overall product and it has potential to be outstanding yet also mixing so many ingredients can turn it into a nightmare product.

The Review

Supporting the exact same look as Yule Magic I can firmly say its a branding theme which is strong, unique and an outstanding variation of a highly liked theme. Hidden within the bottle is another deep golden oil which is worthy of Odin's treasure vault and deeply rich in nourishing ingredients which are ready to turn your beard into one that any Viking would be proud of. A medium viscosity oil which is packed with a combination of fast absorbing oils and longer lasting ingredients to give you the best of both. Initial nourishment takes hold almost immediately with it lasting around 4 hours, and a slower decline rate after this point which lasts around another 4 hours before any dryness kicks in. A relatively light feeling oil allows you to heavily dose upon application without it feeling clingy or uncomfortable. This type of oil also allows you to have several doses during the day if you're the type of person who likes to.

Ostara is the Germanic goddess of spring and dawn which relates to the modern easter holiday. Considering this you would expect Ostara Magic to be fresh and budding with energy and it truly doesn't disappoint. The mango fragrance oil is extremely powerful backed with an almost eye-watering combined scent of rose and patchouli. A sweet, succlant aroma backed with fresh floral notes which pierce the nostrils like a bolt through the sinuses. The initial scent hits harder than a Mike Tyson body blow and for the uninitiated can be too domineering. The scent settles after around 2 hours however its an aroma which can still blow away most others but it morphs into a more managble scent. With an aroma which is so powerful initially, it continues to provide longevity 7 hours down the line with odd whiffs which catch your nostrils and still as potent as ever. Cedarwood and Sandalwood can very faintly be identified towards the later hours which offer the longevity for the oil but it's not a stand out aroma which can really be pulled out individually however it acts as a staple aroma to hold everything together instead.

The Conclusion

Ostara Magic is another product from By Odins Beard Crafts which takes a soft in some of my favourites oils. The carrier mixture has a fantastic balance of oils which nourish your beard for most of the day without it feeling heavy I your beard. The scent is powerful and can be almost too much for some users however if your interested in domineering scents then this is one for you.

For The Future

A new sector for By Odins Beard Crafts and it's a sector where I aim to offer guidance on future products. I love the oils and the mixture is fantastic using great ingredients but an area which I would love to see is a hard set balm. A direction which would allow them to cater for the few but overall a much need product to expand on an arsenal of products.

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