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Orchard Haze By London Beard Company.

London Beard Company are back again with their second review on the website. If you want to check out their first review of the Black Dunes beard oil then click here. Moving away from oils this review will focus on the Orchard Haze beard balm which is part of a new series recently released.

Outside The Tub

London Beard Company have a simplistic branding which is entwinned with a sense of class. A brown glass container with a black plastic screw top lid has a contrasting feel. The glass container feels solid and presents itself as the side of elegance however the plastic screw top lid feels cheap in comparison. The label comes on a tan paper effect background with black writing. The normal legal mumbo jumbo is all displayed clearly which sometimes can be an issue for companies. Costing £17.99 for a tub it steps towards the elite brackets for a beard butter.

Inside the tub

Unlike the Black Dunes oil, the Orchard Haze balm is a lot more adventurous and incorporates a few ingredients which are becoming popular within the UK small batch sector.

Refined Olive Oil - Used within the oil base. Olive Oil has its benefits for slow releases of nutrients however a thick oil and unfortunately not the highest grade available.

Grapeseed Oil - Acts as a cleansing agent to remove excess sebum which reduces hair growth however also helps increase blood flow to the hair follicles.

Blackseed Oil - Helps fight against dry and bristly beards which causes the dreaded itch.

Rosehip Oil - A new boy on the block with some impressive results emerging. Helps repairs split ends, deeply nourishing and quickly absorbing.

Argan Oil - Used to coat the hair shaft and help prevent environmental damage. Rich in vitamin E which is fantastic both skin and hair.

Shea Butter - Used as a beard softness to allow better grooming of your mane. Better conditioning for your beard ultimately leads to reduced breakages and hair loss.

Beeswax - Keeps your beard soft and shiny but the goal is to provide styling and strength to ensure your beard stays in place.

Using only essential oils it has a mixture of lime, orange, bergamot and vanilla. The ingredients automatically bring to mind something similar to a summers evening whilst fruit picking so the name Orchard Haze bleeds into the mind fantastically well, with no further gimmicks needed.

I really like this mixture of traditional and upcoming ingredients. It shows that London Beard Company are looking outside the box and ultimately it has the bases to be ahead of the game if mixed correctly.

The Review

The balm threw me slightly at first as the top of the balm was firm however penetrating the first layer and it turned into a silky smooth soft nourishing balm. Removing from the tub and it had quite a few imperfections with lumpy bits emerging within your hands. Normally this is not too much of an issue as the rub down in your hands would melt any excess however this didn't seem to be the case as some of the firmer parts just moved around, and it took a pinch to break these imperfections up.

Releasing from the tub is subtle orange backed with a lime zest and infused with the bergamot crating a floral background and sweetness brought in by the vanilla. The soft citrus is refreshing rather than overpowering and is reminiscent of a beautiful summers day in a foreign country where you walk down the street with the orange trees bursting with goodness above and even the bright green leaf's provide a fresh earthy aroma complimenting the surroundings. The aromas truly work well with each and the vanilla compliments the citrus fantastically which brings a depth to the scent and drastically reduces the power punch from the citrus crating a soothing scent rather than sharp. The overall scent longevity felt like something of a British summers day where its glorious one moment and then gone moments later. The citrus and floral aroma would last around an hour or two if you are lucky, when a typical balm smell would then take over leaving you begging for more.

The balm is a soft hold so it won't provide you with a pinpoint beard however what it lacks in hold it makes up with nourishment. It does a fantastic job getting deep into the beard and skin deep and smoothest around the beard almost effortless and lightweight to which I could hardly feel its presence. The balm dug in considerably deeper than the aroma where it would happily nourish your hair follicles for a around the 7 hours before the dry beard started to emerge.


It's not a home run winner for me however it's far from being a 3 strike out loser. Overall providing fantastic nourishment qualities but pulled drastically down by its scent and balm longevity and unfortunately doesn't warrant the price tag set. Much like the oil I feel the product should be used several times a day however not something which is easily done for the average person.

The aroma provided is really something special and provides you with something that feels unique and can truly take you away from today's doom and gloom climate however the scent longevity is abysmal and to say disappointing is a sympathetic way to describe it. To create such a great scent for such a short period of time followed up by the bland balm aroma is a kick in the nuts and such a downfall.

The balm nourishment is great and even after one application you could feel the benefits of the adventurous mix. It wasn't the longest of time before it lost its nourishment value but it finds itself in an acceptable timeframe where many others have failed.

If You Would Like To Buy Anything From London Beard Company Please Click Here.

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