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OI "BigFoot" ... Don't Get "LemonGrass"

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Jumping back to BigFoot Beard Co for their product review of the lemongrass Beard Oil.

As ever the carrier oils is pumped full of goodies. Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Castor and added Vitamin E. The base is no different than normal which is a stunning concoction. Benefits vary from anti-inflammatory, dandruff reduction, increases blood flow circulation, but in general just a damn HEALTHY beard.

The oil itself is a medium viscosity, leaving the beard instantly nourished from a strong dosage. The castor oil does a fantastic job holding within the beard to help nourish throughout the day preventing the beard from drying out quickly especially in the harsh winter conditions.

Lemongrass is a very strong citrusy scent with a fantastic mixture of sweet earthy undertones to help balance the mixture. Don't confuse this with traditional lemon or citronella which has more of a zest to it and slightly different undertones. Used widely in herbal medicine and aromatherapy sessions. The health benefits of lemongrass are astronomical however the stand out claim is the antioxidant properties that protect cells from "free radicals" which could lead to terminal health conditions.

Using the oil and it's a true powerhouse aroma which will bowl over even the most seasoned bearded veterans. The citrus kick is fantastic which lasts around 3 hours before it mellows slightly throughout the day where sweet earthy undertones emerge taking away the kick however the lemon scent is still very much present. Be aware that a little goes a long way as I used larger amount on my first morning application and could still faintly smell it after a shower in the evening. A strong dose will easily last you a full day in most work environments with ample left over which is fantastic for outdoor workers.

If your a fresh citrus lover then this is for you however I recommend an additional "not for the faint hearted" label to be slapped on somewhere. If in doubt use a smaller amount on your beard as the scent can be too much if your not a fan of citrus and it would ruin your experience of another exemplary oil produced by BigFoot Beard co.

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