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Nathan & Son, A True Family Business Part 1

Nathan & Son are a new company on the block who are Looking to mix it with some of the best in an extremely saturated UK market. Nathan, who is a tech savvy website and app developer has dabbled in other businesses and understands the importance of making sure everything is above board, which has prompted him to ensure all products are CPSR approved and safe for users within the UK. Nathan & Son are the new boys on the block, looking to get dirty amongst some fantastic brands. Having a massive range at their disposal from day scents to aftershave copy scents gives them a reach which most others don't have however this review is for their Vanilla Latte beard oil.

Outside The Bottle

This section is a little different than normal as the products sent across for reviewing has been rebranded a few days after it was sent out. This review will show the comparison between the old and rebranded bottles.

The oils come in a 10ml or 30ml variants which is fantastic for allowing you to sample a scent profile before committing to a full bottle however with a 10ml costing £4.99 which I feel is a little expensive then you may be tempted to jump straight into the 30ml bottle which is priced at £11.99


The bottles comes in a brown UV protected bottle with a dropper style pipette for its applicator. A well used item but widely recognised as being the best applicator around. The previous branding was a pale brown wood effect with faded writing giving a rustic feel which I'm glad they have dropped. This style looks cheap and the writing was almost unreadable to the point it looks like they where trying to hide something and a design which feels like it was made on Microsoft Publisher using a base template.


The new bottle is the same brown bottle with a dropper applicator however the rebranding is on the label. The new label has a dark grey background with a white contrast logo to ensure it pops and is easily readable. The writing on the back is clearly labelled and in comparison to the old label, it shows the company is moving forward in the right direction but it still looks rather generic. The lack of stand out branding looks a little bland or forgettable which when your competing in a strong UK market then that's the last thing you want.

Inside The Bottle

The carrier blends are the foundation behind every oil and without solid foundations then the rest of the product will fail miserably. Lets check out what's inside the little bottle.

Grapeseed Oil - Acts as a cleansing agent to remove excess sebum which reduces hair growth however also helps increase blood flow to the hair follicles.

Jojoba Oil - The current champ of beard carrier oils. A natural replicant of sebum which gives deep nourishment and a protective coating to your beard.

Vitamin E - A general beard and hair booster to push the limits of this simple mixture.

An extremely simplistic blend which doesn't excite at all. Two simple ingredients with a boost from the Vitamin E makes for dull reading and unfortunately a low level expectation moving forward. There's nothing wrong with the mixture however it screams boring, and no real desire to push the boundaries of what's possible.

The scent profile is another basic combination of coffee fragrance oil and vanilla essential oil which should allow for a strong profile considering the aroma shouldn't be smothered by various scents. A combination of fragrance and essential oils is nice to see within a company beaus they should be able to use the complex scents provided by fragrance oils to push their boundaries.

The Review

Upon receiving the package I could tell the aroma before even opening the beardmail as the scent was soo overpowering it was seeping though the package and probably onto everyone else's mail in my neighbourhood. I originally thought that the oil had broken in transit however this was far from the case as it was all wrapped up tight and in perfect condition. The aroma is so potent that its probably one of the strongest scents I have ever experienced. The scent doesn't evolve and manifest through various levels, nor does it take you on a journey of twirling aromas. The scent is coffee and vanilla, that's it, nothing more nothing less. That aroma does lasts though and experiencing strong whiffs beyond the 10 hour mark is something to applaud as some companies struggle to get past 2 hours. Considering the oil was long gone and a dry beard had set in yet somehow the coffee aroma clung to my beard as if it was fighting for survival. I felt like a student again where I would sit in Starbucks or Costa all day pretending to do work just to avoid my parents who would be pestering me about getting all my work done. A constant smell of coffee flies around with every new customer ordering a frapp-dappy-double choc and French bean coffee with added goats cream but I would order hot chocolate instead.

The oil is a thin / medium viscosity which soaks into the beard wonderfully as to be expected from widely used carrier oils. Apply the oil with a slight rub and it soaks up like a cactus in the desert but leaving a slight coating on the whiskers which absorbs throughout the day. On average I was getting around 5 or 6 hours of nourishment before the dry beard was creeping back and starting to take over. This is an average amount of time for an oil and it doesn't push any boundaries but the way it soaks into your beard is fantastic and does a great job however a second dose would be advisable especially for outdoor workers.


If your a coffee person and you want a strong lasting scent then this is definitely one for you. The oil will need a second top up during the day but it just means you get another dose of coffee to help you on your way. The carrier blend mixture is just too simplistic to give it enough of a push for it to last and ultimately lacks true nourishment to the point where it can be applied once a day. As much as I appreciate the scent which lasts far beyond what is socially excepted, I feel there are other problems which need to be addressed first before the oils can move forward. Improve the carrier oil mixture to enhance longevity and deeper nourishment even if they use widely accepted oils but its a key pillar for any oil mixture and personally its just not where it needs to be to really excel. It does an ok job but it doesn't do a great job either. Secondly the branding is generic and slightly boring which makes the product forgettable before its used, even after its latest rebrand it still doesn't give you any fire to grab a bottle off the website and will be overshadowed easily by bigger, brassy brands.

If You Would Like To Buy Anything From Nathan & Son Then Please Click Here

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