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Love or "Lustre"

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Barnet Fair Essentials has taken a slightly different approach than most in regards to the way the have branded themselves and the way the market. They are not trying to sell you 20 different scents of oil or balm but rather they have focused on a very slimline set of products of high quality.

When the product was recieved it was a neatly packaged box containing their Lustre Balm and Hog Hair Combo however it also contained a very special item ideal for a night in with the missus😉 I love little surprises in my beardmail but this one completely took me off guard. Well played Barnet Fair Essentials.

As soon as the pack was open a faint aroma started to seep through and straight away I could tell this was going to be nice. Upon opening the Lustre Balm your hit with a stunning soft perfume scent with a slight reminiscences of carrot oil which gives you a staggering feeling as if being in a hot country and getting ready to go out for a late evening meal.

The balm itself is a soft holding so it won't give you a strong, definitive curly hold for a moustache however it will keep all them scraggly hairs in place for as long as you need.

The balm is lovely to apply and comes out of the tin really easy. Rubbing into your hands there is no clumps forming and you can tell it's a high quality batch. Applying to the beard is simple, and it comes off your hands leaving minimal residue however with the stunning perfume type scent I was almost tempted just to leave it on.

For a soft hold balm i never have high expectations as I have always found them to start to fade easily, however the scent and hold just seemed to last. I applied this in the morning and come very late evening the beard was still in place and with a slight rub I can subtlety start to have the aroma flowing through my nostrils. I'm actually astounded how well the product held up and in comparison to others it really shines.

I personally don't use balm every day as I'm a busy, active guy. The Lustre Balm is a product which will be kept in the desk but it's coming out for every special occasion. It's almost too good to use on a daily basis because when I applied the balm it made me feel good. I felt clean, I felt like I was getting ready to go out with my best shirt and trousers on. I had that feeling like I had been to my barbers and they had given me the perfect trim. Even after a full day of work I looked in the mirror and still appreciated how good my beard was looking.

This product it's simply outstanding and an absolute must for your beard game for them occasions where you want to feel a little bit special. It's a fine wine or a bottle of champagne, it's not an every day occurrence but special occasions are just not the same without them.

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