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Left in "Solitude" with my thoughts. Brenin Beard Co

When a company receives a review its always a nervous and anxious feat for the owners. Awaiting gratification or demonization of products which they feel are perfect for the industry however these products can either be given a massive boost or be shut down with the aid of "influencers" who know their shit (or at least they think they do.) To take a chance on reviewers is risky, so having almost a complete line up reviewed by different, competent, honest, no BS reviewers, then there's going to be more than one anxiety headache brewing for Scott and Josh the owners. Reviews from myself but also from Tony The Bearded Brit, are starting to show what calibre Brenin are made of. Brenin Beard Co have come back for a second review where they enter my lions den but this reviewer has been in "Solitude" reflecting.

Outside The Bottle

If you haven't read my last review then why the hell not? Read it here. It's no secret that I'm a lover of the branding for Brenin Beard Co. White bottles create a glare of attention in a sea of brown or black UV containers. A 30ml variant with a pipette style applicator is used and widely recognised as probably the best method on the market. Black labels with white and gold writing create a contrasting flash point making the labels pop when in hand.

When a company has 20k to spend on marketing adverts then perhaps small things like bottles and labels can go easily missed however with small batch brands this is a luxury none can afford, so it's imperative that small things like bottles stand out and scream for attention in a massively saturated market.

Inside The Bottle

Continuing with the same base carrier oils as Buccaneer the contents include Golden Jojoba, Castor, Sweet Almond, Macadamia and Grapeseed Oil which are sealed tight within the white bottle of solitude. The mixture of Jojoba, Sweet Almond and Grapeseed being fairly well used within the industry brings nothing adventurous apart from tried and trusted recipes however a mixture of Castor and Macadamia are two ingredients not used very often. Golden Jojoba is a product I love and feel that if companies want to use ingredients which have variants in quality then it must be unrefined trying to keep as much of the natural goodness as possible.

A scent profile consisting of Bergamot, Cedarwood and Lime bring up contrasting thoughts of zesty, fruity aromas masking a deeper woodland aroma. Spring vineyards race towards the forefront of my mind with hopes of glorious aromas interlacing each other to produce a truly wonderful experience.

The Review

Let's get the easy part out of the way because you have heard it before. Brenin Beard Co + Branding = Blue Peter Gold Badge!! Love it, and creates a great example of being different in a populated market whilst still on a small batch brand budget.

Solitude drips out of the bottle to produce a medium thickness oil with a light golden shine. The combination of faster absorbing ingredients, mixed with the thicker Castor Oil allows the base carrier blend cater for most bearded brothers. A medium weighted feel whilst in beard allows the absorption rate of the oil max to out at around 4 hours however added longevity is kept towards the 8 hour mark with the use of Castor Oil. Once you hit the 4 hour mark it doesn't meant he product is finished with however it does feel that's the highest limit for nourishment, followed by the slow decline after that point.

The scent profile within the bottle gives a medium power punch for the aroma with a bustling of citrus and undertones of wood. The aroma is not overpowering but its a pleasurable balance of fresh, zesty and light wood to create profile which is excitable to wear. Once the aroma leaves the bottle and begins to drip within your beard then unfortunately the zesty and fruity aromas tend to disappear pretty quickly after 30min at most, which leaves only the soft wood aroma lingering for approximately 3 hours. The persisting aroma is extremely subtle and hardly noticeable unless a perfect storm scenario arises where you'll manage to get brief second whiff.

The Conclusion

Solitude is a product which has me sitting on the fence a little. The branding and oil are really nice and do a fantastic job however the scent and longevity still has a bit to be desired. Unfortunately rather than a slow lingering walk through an orchard where my senses can indulge into the aromas which are being released, I feel its more like a 70mph car drive which zooms by way to quickly. The zesty aromas disappear hastily (which is expected from top notes) but there's nothing behind to create a complex evolution of the overall aroma, just a simplistic soft wood scent. I enjoyed what limited scent there was but I feel this product ultimately will be used as a stepping stone platform for Brenin Beard Co to learn from when creating new scents for the future.

Would I Recommend?

Just on the carrier oil blend I would 100% recommend, its a great blend with proven ingredients aimed to nourish your beard. Yes the scent profile needs a little work in my opinion but considering this is a first series oil, I feel that it's a good first attempt and gives you so many more reasons why you should invest in this new company.

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