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JOS Grooming And Its Rollerball Applicator

JOS Grooming is an established company which uses high quality plant based solutions with fragrances that evokes the Japanese concepts of Shinrin-Yoku. This translates into English as forest bathing which means taking in a forest atmosphere during a leisurely walk. Whilst this idea doesn't appear to have an immediate correlation between beard oils, the idea is that these forest scents are used to help reduce stress levels, elevate moods and improving mental clarity which is not widely recognised as benefits when using essential oils. JOS Grooming have allowed me to get my hands on their Beard Serum which is designed for all beard types. What's a beard serum you might ask? Well continue reading and you will find out.

Outside The Bottle?

JOS Grooming Beard Serum comes in a elegant, green tinted bottle with screw on top The branding is simplistic and looks bespoke, rather than having the traditional dropper top poking out of a draw. The glass bottle is transparent with white writing for the ingredients which sometimes was a nightmare to read if the light reflected awkwardly but yet at other times it was crystal clear. The larger bottle size has allowed JOS Grooming to get all the appropriate writing in without it being ridiculously small. This is where the bottle gets interesting, as you unscrew the top lid you are greeted by a rollerball applicator. YES a rollerball applicator which is used to apply the serum to your beard. This is a fantastic idea with an enthesis that you don't need to get your hands oily, rather just apply straight to the beard and comb.

Inside The Bottle?

This is where we can separate the boys from the men or to be more specific the oil from the serum.

Safflower Seed Oil - Does a fantastic job at retaining moisture within your beard whilst simultaneously aiding to help with the dreaded beard itch.

Castor Oil Seed Oil - Creates a non greasy shiny for a lush beard, increases blood flow circulation to hair follicles which promotes healthy growth.

Grapeseed Oil - Acts as a cleansing agent to remove excess sebum which reduces hair growth however also helps increase blood flow to the hair follicles.

Black Seed Oil - Helps with beard breakages and deep nourishment to the skin.

Vitamin E Oil - A general beard and hair booster to push the limits of this concoction.

In general this mix is not too different from a traditional beard oil and perhaps the separation from beard serum to beard oil is mostly in the name. The idea of both is to nourish the skin and beard which both do. The introduction of Safflower Seed Oil is fantastic and its a first for me, plus looking at the benefits its a clear indication this could be a fantastic introduction. Black Seed Oil is a new emerging trend which brings fantastic benefits.

Overall its a fantastic mix of ingredients not matter what you want to call it.

The aroma blend is a mixture of Frankincense, Cedar, Hinoki Cypress, Vetiver and Thyme which are a combination of fresh and deeper musky scents.

The Review

JOS Grooming have entered into a saturated market but trying to introduce new ideas to make themselves stand out. The rollerball applicator is their attempt to give themselves the edge and a new look in an industry which is dominated by a pipette applicator. The look with the bottle and the branding is all consistent and feels very organic creating a theme which feels relaxing before you have even opened the bottle.

The rollerball applicator is supposed to allow easy transfer of the serum and eradicated the need for messy hands however this was a complete waste of time for me and utterly disappointing. The rollerball worked best with a slightly damp beard but then it restricted my usage of beard straighteners or hair dryers as heating oils in your beard should be a big NO NO. Even when using with a damp beard it never really felt that it was getting in deep to my skin but rather being parsimoniously with the serum to the point it felt almost an unworthy reward after winning the challenge of serum extraction. Luckily enough the rollerball cap was able to pop off however I'm not sure if this was supposed to happen or not. Applying the oil in a traditional pouring method was obviously more successful however I at this point I figured out why a method which didn't necessarily require handling of the oil was being used over a traditional pipette style.

The oil has a medium to thick viscosity however it left an almost indescribable layer of residue on your hands and beard after applying. The residue felt similar to a coating of sunscreen which you frantically rub over the rest of your body to try and remove or a deep scrubbing hand wash can only remove. It never truly felt like it was nourishing but rather just sitting on top of my beard.

The scent profile is a large redeeming factor for the product and stands out as currently being one of my all time favourites. Its combination of aromas shoot through your sinuses, switching from the warmth and small citric blasts from the Frankincense or Thyme and then bleeding into deeper, sweeter scents like Vetiver Hinoki Cypress backed with a powerful Cedar aroma but yet despite its natural scents it almost feels like a cologne because of its strong presences. The scent aroma never really evolves where you lose a certain scent however the individual scents keep their power through the full duration of use, where you will get blasts of mixed scents to around the 4 hour mark. The feeling of the woods is truly captured within the aroma mixture as small blast of individual scents seeps through, to which it feels almost random which scent you can identify. Much like the ever changing winds which ruffle through the forest as it bounces off of tree bark, and rips through leaf's, picking up the forest smells as its makes its way through and slowly enters the users nostrils to complete a sense of relaxation. The aroma is personally encaptivating and I can almost feel myself walking through a Japanese wood, identifying the smells and potentially even uncovering local springs to which I find it rare that any scent can almost force a emotion upon you which has never been experienced before.


As much as the scent profile is a personal favourite, bringing a sense of natural relaxation but with a punch and a possible usage for literally ever occasion, I felt that the serum has truly let the product down. The applicator just doesn't work for someone with any type of length on their beard as it can't seem to get enough serum deep into the beard and skin deep. The application made things awkward and unnecessarily hard despite its good intentions. The serum itself never felt nourishing and mostly just sat on top leaving a weird uncomfortable residue. Perhaps this is the difference between an oil and a serum to which if that's the case then I would happily turn my back on this type of product. A product which appears to be aimed at individuals with short beards and or designer stubble then I think the product would apply and nourish a lot better but for anyone with 6+ months of untouched growth then it loses its effectiveness to a point of almost no return.

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