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JOS Beard Tamer Or Just Lame?

JOS grooming are back in the firing line for a second review after some very interesting feedback regarding their beard serum with a rollerball applicator which you can read here. Beard serums and beard tamers are interesting terminology for beard products especially as the UK market is set in its ways of oil, balms and butters but do they truly separate themselves from other products on the market or are the just marketing terms to lure you in like day and night oils?

Outside The Container

The beard tamer is found within a deep emerald green glass container which will hold 60ml of product. A black screw top lid with a protective seal underneath the keep your product nice and fresh. A clear, simplistic label with no fancy gimmicks apart from white writing which makes a fantastic contrast against the deep green.

Labelling is something I always touch on especially for companies who wish to sell within the UK, which I have created a full guide to product labels found here. JOS Grooming have got pretty much everything covered on their labels which is seriously impressive in my opinion, as many small batch companies fall at this deceivingly awkward hurdle. Latin ingredients, allergens, batch number, company address, volume, shelf expectancy, if it needs to be on a label then it's on there. Complicated, fancy labels look great but sometimes can feel congested yet lack the basics needed for legal compliance however JOS have kept it simple and by doing so have given themselves a fantastic look which covers everything needed by UK / EU law.

Inside The Container

Variety is the spice of life and I love to see brands who want to be a little different with their ingredients mix. JOS Grooming haven't pushed the boundaries too far but have certainly looked beyond the first set ingredients which come to mind. The Beard Tamer consists of Black Seed Oil, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Vitamin E Oil. A mixture which is made up of quite a few oils rather than a big mixture of natural butters. An automatic assumption would indicate a softer hold product but with deep nourishment.

The scent which is infused behind JOS Grooming is inspired by Shinrin-Yoku. This translates into English as forest bathing which means taking in a forest atmosphere during a leisurely walk. Whilst this idea doesn't appear to have an immediate correlation between beard oils, the idea is that these forest scents are used to help reduce stress levels, elevate moods and improving mental clarity which is not widely recognised as benefits when using essential oils. Frankincense, Cedar, Hinoki Cypress, Vetiver and Thyme create the essential oil mixture which is a hefty ask to balance such ingredients.

The Review

Before I go any further I intend to put across my opinion of what a beard tamer should be. A product claiming to be a beard tamer needs to do one of two things. 1) Manage beard hairs and style your beard covering all needs apart from ultimate hold from a moustache wax. 2) Deep nourishment to alleviate any dryness for a long period throughout the course of the day. Ultimately to classify your product as a beard tamer it needs to be bloody good at one thing or another.

This beard tamer is nestled within the container and harbouring an off white, almost clear product. As you dip your finger into the container, the product immediately separates and a true soft hold style balm can be found. The product emulsifies almost immediately when rubbed within your hands which is to be expected from a product with a high concentration of oils. The tamer is almost faultless in feel without a single lump being found in the mixture.

The scent profile is immediate from the first second the container is opened and in my opinion a absolutely fantastic, unique aroma which is powerful yet calming. Frankincense, Cedar, Hinoki Cypress, Vetiver and Thyme which are a combination of fresh and deeper musky scents are supposed to be present however not labelled is the warning how enjoyable and calming the aroma can be. It's deeply penetrative into your nasal hairs and feels not to distant from Vicks vapour rub in both scent and balm texture but without the eye-watering and overpowering feeling. The idea of a woodland stroll summarises the aroma to perfection with small pocket blasts of different smells which crop up and throws the deeper earthy scents into disarray before it settles for around 5 hours at most.

The tamer feel within the beard has a medium / heavy weight from the off and nourishes for around 8 hours before any dryness begins to creep in however you will have another 2-4 hours before the itch takes over. Throughout the day the product does slowly penetrate into your beard and does a fantastic job at nourishing your face fuzz whilst supplying minimal hold. Daily use and I found it does an outstanding job softening beard hairs and truly taming the dryness but if your looking for slick styling then look elsewhere. There's is a slight residual left on your beard throughout the day which doesn't feel greasy yet more like a silicone texture, however if you want longevity then you need to sacrifice this residual feeling but ultimately my advise is don't touch your beard.

The Conclusion

The Beard Tamer in my opinion does a wonderful job creating a magical aroma which in infused with a soft holding balm. Styling is something it lacks however its not something I would expect from this type of product. The scent is still one of my favourites and with added nourishment from the tamer it's only heightens my enjoyment. The scent profile does lack longevity however 4 - 5 hours is nothing to snigger at. If your able to get past the slightly heavy feel and residual product left on your beard then I highly recommend you have a look into JOS Grooming and its Beard Tamer. Pros and cons behind this product and so unfortunately it doesn't steal the show but it does ample to make it into one of my personal usage products.

One For The Future

JOS Grooming have created a fantastic scent which is calming and very enjoyable. I would love to see them take this aroma and infuse it with a soft whipped butter designed for night time use. The Beard Tamer has to much residual effect for a night product however a more absorbing, whipped butter could give JOS an opportunity to steal the bedtime market which is drowning in Lavender.

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