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"Hamish" or "A Miss?" beard oil and balm combo

The Clansman Beard Company are back once again for their second review in quick succession however this time I will be looking at Hamish beard oil and balm combo, which has a vanilla and tobacco scent profile. Last review I slightly changed my writing format which will continue into this blog. If you haven't checked out my previous review then click HERE because you seriously don't know what you are missing out. The Blood Orange and Bergamot beard butter is a fantastic night time butter which gives you something a little than a traditional lavender aroma.

Should You Buy It?

This can sometimes be a tricky question to answer and on this occasion, it's very subjective. £30 for a triple combo of oil, balm and beard butter is a fantastic price or buying separate will cost £8 for a 30ml balm and £11.50 for the oil. There are pros to the combo which will suit certain styles of beard, plus the night time butter gives you an opportunity to have a proper beard care routine however other areas with the products could leave you slightly disheartened. Overall for a selection style of beards, this combo could be an absolute knockout winner but to ensure these products are suited for your needs then carry on reading.

Replica Or Original?

As mentioned before in my previous review, I love the Scottish theme. It's a slightly niche market with ample opportunity to spread into different sections like The Highlands, Culture or even Norse Mythology. As we all know from before, "blue is the colour" and that's no different this time around. Another cobalt blue oil container and silver / white pipette applicator will rattle a voice though your heard screaming "freedom" in your best Scottish accent. Don't think you get away from the Scottish blue on the tin either, even though it's a small silver tin, the label underneath has cleverly got the blue placement colour. The product logo is really unique which you simply won't find on another brand, PERIOD. Staring deep into your eyes is Hamish himself with his trusted spear and hammer, whilst wearing the traditional plaid which hangs from his left shoulder. This is simply fantastic in my opinion, with each different scent getting their own character. I was a little disappointed to find out that Hamish is just a traditional Scottish name, as I would of loved for each character to represent someone in history to expand on the storytelling of the brand however it's just me being picky and most customers wouldn't think twice about this type of stuff. The oil and the balm both have Hamish on the front with a separate logo on the base of the balm container for the ingredients. Having this towering figure staring deep into your soul takes up a lot of room on the label and unfortunately there a few small issues which can be identified. Small writing on the beard oil is a slight issue but not a massive concern however the lack of scientific names, allergens (may not be any if using fragrance oils) or scent ingredients is the concern on both products. If you're interested in what a label should contain then click on the link HERE to check out a guide i have wrote.

Overall a big win in my opinion by creating something totally unique to the market however a few tweaks to the labels should be addressed in the future.

How Did The Product Perform?

Breaking down the oil first and it's contents is Argan, Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Hemp Seed and Castor Oil which are all Soil Association approved ingredients. A fantastic mixture of thicker and thin oils which will help balance the need for fast penetration and long last nourishment. A medium oil viscosity which leans towards the thicker side has pretty much everything covered and does a really good job at doing the basics right. The product works into your beard really well with instant benefits the second you start using it, where the Hemp Seed Oil (massively underrated and underused in my opinion) begins to push though your beard hair to start moisturising the skin underneath. The Castor and Jojoba provide the true longevity which lasts around 8 hours before it peaks and begins to slowly fade however another couple hours of deterioration before it becomes unbearable.

The balm ingredients break down with a similar mixture, consisting of Argan, Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Shea Butter, Coconut Butter and Beeswax. Aimed to be used with an oil and the contents all have properties which will lock in the moisture and goodness which is received from the beard oil, whist providing it's own nourishment properties. Given it's a balm, I was very surprised how well it performed at softening the beard which helped create a longer lasting feeling of comfort within my beard throughout the day. A medium hold balm, with light to medium weight gives ample hold to a smaller beard, providing everything you would need for a natural styled look, keeping the odd stray hairs at bay. Combined with the oil and it pushes toward the 12 hour mark before it hits the Highlands peak however the balm helps to slow down the deterioration phase to the point you could easily have a full day use without the dreaded itch taking over.

The fragrance contains vanilla and tobacco however these fragrance oils are infused with other scents to create a well rounded aroma. Soft, creamy vanilla is the main domineering aroma which is smooth as it flows through our nostrils creating undertones of rich chocolate. Buried deep within the richness is a tiny bit of warmth created by the tobacco which just changes the aroma enough to avoid it being sickly sweet. Wrap these scents up and smother them with and earthy aroma which mellows the overall power, creating a soft to medium punch when using. The scent profile is not designed to blow your head off, it's designed to be silky smooth and it's been created so well. The luxury of using fragrance oils which have been infused with other aromas allows the company to create blends with soo many different complex smells with more ease and it definitely works. The aromas are slightly different between the oil and the balm which is not uncommon to see due to using different ingredients as the base. In this case I feel the coconut butter may of slightly altered the smell however it's added a deeper layer of chocolate to the scent profile compared to using the oil alone. The scent profile has a very fine balance and lasts around 6 hours before I felt it melted away into nothingness. A 6 hour window is not a bad time frame and I feel average for most oils however for an aroma I really enjoyed, then I just kind of wished it lasted a little longer.

The Final Say If You Should Buy?

The oil is another winner I'm my opinion and has a fantastic blend of ingredients to give great nourishment properties for all style of beards backed with a silky smooth scent, it just bolsters why it's worth every penny. Simply a must try and another one for your collection in my opinion. The balm for my personal use is just not for me. I prefer a balm with a stronger hold and it never provided enough to manage my beard style. If you are looking for a pinned, highly styled look then this just won't cut it, neither did it produce enough hold even for a short period of time which allowed me to shape my moustache into my current style of drooped handlebars the way I truly like it. I think with its light to medium hold its probably designed for a smaller beard but for that style it would do everything right, creating natural hold, nourishment to a great standard and added longevity to the oil. This refers back to my original question of should you buy? Depending on your beard style then that will dictate what is best for you, and whether you buy just the oil or whether you go for the full combo.

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