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Grove Beard Supplies is a company which sets itself a extremly high bar when trying to achieve quality combined with environmentally friendly and natural products. The company is the first I'm aware with which automatically comes without a pipette however this can be added on as an additional extra. Whilst I'm sitting here and screaming that the pipette should be compulsory I suddenly start to think about my actions within the environment. That is a massive thought running through my tiny brain but it makes enough sense to make my big mouth want to shut up for once.

The oils where tested with and without a pipette to see the difference. Whilst the oil performed well without the pipette my beard never truly felt nourished enough as the oil never seems to soak though great. Where as the pipette application done exactly what was needed and made the oil excel compared to the previous test. The oil thickness is a medium viscosity so it holds nicely within your beard and the scent longevity lingered for a good 3 or 4 hours.

The balm is a soft hold giving you just enough hold to tame the whiskers but not enough to weigh down your beard. General usage throughout the day leaves your beard feeling soft for most of the working day but it runs thin towards the night time. The balm is lovely and comes in a stunning sliding metal tin which makes it stand out from other in a crowded community.

Combining the balm with oil is where the products start to excel. A small amount of oil and a slap of balm then the products compliment each other like cheese and wine. Both are nice apart in small dosages however using this as a combo give your the benefits of both.

The products are a fantastic starter combo and a real must have for someone with a small to medium beard however for the thicker beards I think this may fall short. What I'm even more proud of is that they have managed to shut a know-it-all moany git like myself and made me consider my actions when purchasing products. I like novel ways of eco friendly packing but that's it to me... Novel. Until now where if I was to purchase from Grove Beard Supplies I would happily leave the pipette and reuse one from their previous bottle.

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