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"Graft" as a "Rancher"

Graft is back again with a other one of their flagship oils "Rancher"

Rancher consists of Jojoba, Fractionated Coconut, Argan and Vitamin E as its carrier oils which is the same as their other oils. This combination makes a fantastic mixture of beard hair nourishment, reduced dryness, itchiness and dandruff with the bonus vitamin E supplement dripped into the mixture. It has a medium viscosity which enables it penetrate the beard very well with a good retention period for most of the day and best suited for a small / medium length beard.

As usual Graft try to ensure their oil label gives a good representation of the scent profile. This particular oil consists of tabacco, cinnamon, honey and sage whith tobacco being the obvious scent representing a rancher.

As always graft promises an oil with a kick and true to their word, rancher kicks like a bull in a rodeo. When first opening and applying the oil your nostrils are attacked with the tobacco and cinnamon scents. Giving a powerful warmth to the tobacco almost giving you an surge of adrenaline. That initial kick dies back pretty quick lasting around 30 minutes with the warmth of the honey then taking over from the cinnamon which allows the tabacco to be more pleasurable and soothing as if sat on a candle ranch on a summer's day. The honey and tabacco lasts around the 5+ hour mark with the finally stage beyond that is just tabacco alone. Unfortunately I just can't find the sage within the scent profile as it appears to be out gunned by the other scents.

The overall scent profile is amazingly powerful but for me the tabacco is just too much. Living in a society of bubblegum, mint or watermelon vape juices, I find tobacco slightly intolerable. It goes incredibly well with the rancher theme but it doesn't fit with a non smoker in modern society.

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