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Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Starting my journey in product reviewing has been a fantastic experience. I have dealt with some amazing companies, meet new friends, joined a bearded brotherhood and learnt so much along the way. My most important lesson during this journey is to research and learn about the companies I'm going to be representing. I take pride in the detailed review returns, why products are good for you, finding out why the company started and just getting to know the owners, which honestly most of these companies are run by truly amazing people. Every time I research, I become smarter, I understand the industry better and I can relate to consumers better and I like to think I get better at reviewing.

Whilst I enjoy doing this I'm finding more and more people are only out there to gain a few free products. When I started reviewing I purchased all my own products to review because my thoughts was, how could I justify asking a company to send me free stuff when I can't provide them with anything substantial in return? A few hundred followers and perhaps 20 reactions on my IG posts is not going to be enough to warrant a demand for my reviews within the beard industry. Recently I have seen messages to companies where "reviewers" are lying about how big they are, being rude when first messaging as if to imply they are doing the company a favour, but my favourite is that these "reviewers" haven't even got the decency to respectfully respond after they are turned down or try to argue why the company is wrong. There are a few which sneak though the net and that's where it gets even more interesting with reviews which barely state any facts or the facts are wrong, lack of ingredient benefits, or just basic lack of substance. Full written reviews done in just over 1000 characters or watch a 20mim YouTube video telling you about the same aroma 12 times which is exactly how the company bio describes it. Thin oils called thick, ridiculously soft balms called firm holding, and a personal highlight is being told what colour the oil is however not explaining to the viewer what that even means (sometimes I think the "reviewer" probably doesn't know themselves). Countries for company origins wrong, scent profiles which last 4-6 hours but I have the same products to which I only get roughly 1 hour scent duration, or even worst saying companies are fully safe to CPSR standards when they are not!

When you approach these "reviewers" trying to offer help the most you get is being told your wrong or ridiculous caveats thrown in the bottom of their YouTube post AFTER you point out their errors and to be told to stay away from their "brand" as it may damage them. Selfish, self centred, "reviewers" only interested in free products rather than upsetting companies because they fucked up.

Whilst fake reviews are nothing new and we have all seen the adverts which say how amazing these products are, however I don't expect it from people who want to classify themselves as impartial "reviewers". They are taking products away from small batch owners to give false information to consumers due to lack of research, lack of dedication into the brand or to be honest just fucking laziness. Providing false feedback to companies doesn't only hurt the company as they can't use constructive feedback to grow but your hurting the consumer who has spent their hard earned money into buying this "fantastic product" but it's OK because you gave them a 10% discount code.

OK OK let me bring it down slightly as I'm not here to make any enemies (or am I?) but on the same side of things I'm not here to make any fake friends. We all make mistakes, we all get things wrong and that process of getting things wrong allows you to be better next time. If you make a mistake stand up and own that MF, unless of course you're in the game for putting out amazing complimentary reviews just to get free products.

If your a reviewer reading this, I know a majority of you won't fall into this category but we all know the ones which do. So please stop supporting the "reviewers" who do fall into these categories because ultimately your hurting the people who dedicate their time giving good, honest feedback to companies. Yes we should support each other but not when "reviewers" don't care of their actions, plus it makes us all look bad.

If your a "reviewer" reading this then please remember I have time for you if you need help to change but unfortunately for you I'm not going anywhere and my blog posts will only get more detailed the more experienced I become which will contradict your limited vocabulary review.

If your a consumer reading this then enjoy the ride. Reviews are opinions however based off of FACTS and it appears not all facts are portrayed correctly anymore. Know your products and research your reviewers. If you want to know what companies I recommend then drop me a message. If you want to know what "reviewers" to avoid then drop me a message. If you want to know what reviewers you should follow then drop me a message.

If your a company reading this then my advice is to research your reviewers opposed to "reviewers". Everyone has their own style of reviewing a product, to which some you will like and others you won't. Don't get sucked into a fake review trap, yes it's great getting an odd sale because of a fake review however wouldn't constructive feedback benefit you more in the long run?

I'm not going to go through my own research methods, my detailed review layout or anything like that because if you want to see then go check out a review.

The easiest thing to do is subscribe in order to keep up to date but if you want to help spread the news then get sharing on your social media's.

Peace out

Stay Safe, Stay Bearded

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