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Facefur Storslyn

Facefur is a newish company based in Liverpool, coming through the ranks of the UK small batch industry, trying to make waves and find a place in a competitive market. Whilst they are only really starting to gain traction they have been round since early 2020 but an evolving company and branding theme has started to get them the attention they deserve. With 5 fragrances currently available, they show no sign of slowing down and increasing their variety with other products undergoing development. This review is for their latest scent which is the Storslyn beard oil.

Outside The Bottle

Branding branding branding!! This is something which in my opinion is a massive factor for consumers when purchasing a product. Considering a consumer is purchasing a product from blind, with no true understanding of oil texture or scent provided, then the only thing which attracts a client to your page is branding. Facefur have rebranded several times and they have done a fantastic job. With an overall colour scheme of black and copper it stands out from virtually anything else around. A big 50ml bottle with a pump style applicator, wrapped in a black label with shiny copper writing makes the product pop in a crowd of other beard brands. Regarding labelling there are a couple of inconsistencies which needs to be addressed as I got a "reviewer" sample bottle. Overall the bulk of the information is visible however company address, allergens and batch number is not currently visible. Speaking to Annette and she advised me that the batch numbers are on the consumers products and within that individual scent there was no actual allergens but she will look into the packaging further. This is not uncommon within small batch brands but it's great to see facefur already looking into improving. Extending the branding even further, the bottle actually comes in its own box for an additional professional feeling with barcodes printed to show its shop ready. The product is priced at £13.99 which considering its a 50ml variant then its almost a steal.

Inside The Bottle

Facefur use a 5 carrier oil blend within their oils. The aim is to "promote growth, moisturise the skin and beard, soften and control brittle beards." A mixture of Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Castor Oil, Virgin Argan Oil, and Golden Jojoba Oil can be translated from the Latin names on the box or bottle which indicate a well rounded mixture and luxurious mixture. This blend is not massively adventurous, using oils which are all well known and respected however to use a 5 blend mix is great to see as it shows Facefur want to push their boundaries beyond a simplistic mixture whilst using higher graded quality ingredients.

The scent is described as "A rich intoxicating aroma of honey flower, crushed tobacco, warm amber, tonka bean and sandalwood. Hints of patchouli, leather, and bourbon on the rocks." This comes as a fragrance oil pre blend which slides into the base carrier oil mixture.

The Review

Storslyn does a a fantastic job looking like a professional product which can be sold in a shopping store, hairdressers or just about anywhere. The branding is eye catching and screams professionalism when holding the product.

A pump style applicator is the preferred dispensing system and unfortunately for me it doesn't really fit my preferred style. Whilst it does a fantastic job, I found a couple of early morning pumps would often be round the wrong way, which created a mess or trying to get a little more precise with a half pump would often cause it to dribble out down the bottle. It does a OK job at dispensing oil but it lacks a finer touch which I desire.

The oil comes out as a medium to thick oil with lasting properties which can easily take you from morning until night. I'm very impressed with the mixture as the more consistently I was using the product, the more I felt the deeper hair nourishment which I believe would be Virgin Argan Oil and Golden JoJoba doing the magic. With this type of oil there will always be residue however I didn't find it excessive but this could be down to my heavy handling and excessive usage with the pump.

The scent for me was very interesting and extremely enjoyable. Often my family would comment how amazing it smelt 7 or 8 hours into the day however my nose itself adapted to the smell relatively quickly in comparison at around 3 hours. The smell was genuinely still there as I was getting my family to check, yet I simply couldn't smell it beyond the initial 3 hours. The aroma itself is fantastic and provides a warm, sweet floral with a great balance between sweetness and masculinity plus a slight kick towards the tail end of the initial smell. Trying to pull out individual scents is extremely hard as the aroma swirls them together like a wine being aerated in a glass. It's a scent which makes you want to go "out out" in the words of Micky Flanagan and for me summarises a late autumn evening where you still have the warmth of the sun, the flowers are still in bloom and everything just feels joyous.

The conclusion

In my opinion I really like the approach Facefur have taken and I'm impressed with what they have achieved so far. The branding is spot on and almost faultless apart from a few discrepancies on the labelling which is easily adjusted. The pricing for a 50ml bottle is below the expected price range, making it a fantastic bargain for a high quality product. The carrier oil does everything you need and more, with lasting nourishment but the pump can cause excessive usage. The scent profile is fantastic, strong, warming and long lasting (to other peoples noses) but I do have a small issue with the pre blend. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this, my personal opinion is that I want home grown scent profiles rather than something which is bought in and easily replicated by others, and as a result takes a very small shine off and amazing overall product.

Would I recommend it? Yes 100% and the small issues which have been identified comes from an overly picky reviewer, but the good far outweigh and criticism. FaceFur are a juvenile company taking big steps and moving forward in the right direction. They will have loads to learn and will probably give back even more to the community, so please keep an eye out for them.

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