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Cut Throat Pirates Of The Caribbean

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

BEARDTINGS!! If you don't know that name then where have you been hiding? Created by the mastermind Andy Black who brings you two variety of scents, descried as the Gold Chapter and Black Chapter. Andy was previously a reviewer on the Bearded Bear Reviews page, where he has tested some of the finest products around, however has he managed to take that experience and put it into a bottle for himself? Today is the turn of Caribbean Cut Throat to go under my microscope which is from the Gold Chapter.

Outside The Bottle?

WOW WOW WOW!! The packaging looks absolutely stunning and stands out like a diamond emerging from the dirt. The gold wrap radiates from the glass containers, shining with every glisten of light bouncing off of its curves. Gold wrap and black writing for the bottle, however a black balm container with a gold top makes these containers stand out from anything I have experienced so far. The product ingredient writing is a little on the small side unfortunately so unless you have 20/20 vision you may need to double check on the website.

There are bottles which stand out from the crowd then there are Beardtings bottles which leaves everyone behind in its dust.

Inside The Bottle?

Beardtings base oil selection consists of 4 carriers oils with an aimed to keep your beard feeling great long into the day. Lets just hope that the ingredients are golden like the packaging with the oil ingredients being the following :

  • Argan Oil - Used to help cover hair follicles in a protective layer to prevent environmental damage. High in natural vitamin E it helps to nourish your beard and with a slow repair of split ends.

  • Jojoba Oil - Acting as a moisturiser for your beard it helps to prevent breakages, leading to a longer fuller beard. Also reduces the build up of Sebum which reduces the rate of hair follicle growth.

  • Sweet Almond Oil - A fantastic promotor of beard growth due to its rich vitamin E, Potassium, Zinc, Proteins and monounsaturated fatty acids. Additional benefits help eliminate dandruff and reducing inflammation.

  • Grape Seed Oil - Another ingredient great for providing moisture and removing excess sebum to promote the rate of hair growth. It can also help to stimulate blood circulation which can also contribute to hair growth.

The oil mix is not extremely adventurous but it has a fantastic base to promote a healthy beard however as previous reviews indicate its about getting the correct mixture which is important rather than just the ingredients themselves.

The balm mix has a pretty basic combination of only 3 ingredients however does it create a healthy blend?

  • Bees Wax - Used as the main styling ingredient in order to keep those unruly hairs in place. Adding a depth of nourishment is beneficial by coating beard hairs in a coating however not the first priority for this ingredient.

  • Mango Butter - This one is interesting and not massively used in a balm. High in Antioxidants and vitamins which is ideal for protecting your beard from UV rays whilst adding a seal around hair follicles to lock in nourishment.

  • Sweet Almond Oil - Used within the oils and adds extra goodness into the mix to help promote beard growth.

The mixture is a little different than most with the choice of using mango butter instead of a more traditional shea butter mix. An adventurist twist to a traditional mix indicating Beardtings are putting their own stamp on things.

A oil blend of coconut, sweet rum and sandalwood which automatically gives you an indication of its Caribbean connection and staying true to its name unlike many other brands with misleading names.

The Review

Caribbean Cut Throat is label which brings thoughts of dirty pirates, riding the seas on a magnificent old wooden boat. Day stops to restock the boat leads to long nights drinking rum until the early morning with unsavoury company. Whilst this is pretty far from the truth there are similarities which can be pulled across allowing you to feel emotionally connected to the scent profile.

Opening the bottles and despite coconut being the top note it is massively overpowered by the sweet rum which bursts through like a pirate booting down a tavern door however the coconut is there lingering in the background begging for attention. Rubbing the medium viscosity oil within your hands only further exaggerates the rum by creating an additional warmth as if your downing a shot of Jamaican rum. The rum aroma holds strong within your beard until the last minute whilst the coconut drifts away softly within the first hour or two, then sandalwood begins to emerge taking its place, combining with the rum. This mixture evolves the scent profile turning it into a deeper, stronger aroma and gives it a grittiness like no other I have tried. Comparing it to the last shot in an empty rum keg you can almost taste the wood in your beard which has become infused and matured with the rum through its aging process.

The scent profile just reeks of fun, adventure and intoxication by bringing you deep into the Caribbean world of sun, sand and rum.

The oil feels nourishing from the second you unleash it with around an 8 - 10 hours of goodness behind it before a much needed top up will be required. The scent profile can pretty much match that with slight variations in scent duration due to outdoor working conditions maxing out at around 7 hours however when working indoors for the day it kept up with the 8 - 10 hour nourishment provided by the carrier oil

The balm itself comes in a medium / firm hold which can be released with the exclusive Beardtings guitar pick. The balm is nourishing and leaves your beard surprisingly soft despite its frim nature. With the use of mango butter being a breathe of fresh air, combining with a strong beeswax combination to give you the firm hold needed keep a medium length beard in check for a full day with the scent duration to match.


Beardtings has done an astoundingly good job in creating a powerful aroma which can last throughout the day, with a carrier oil formulation to match the quality. Gold bottles, gold lids and gold stars from me because there's not many companies within the UK which can match that and still be legally compliant which proves why Beardtings is currently up there as one of the most exciting small batch companies around. Just overall pure quality covers ever inch of the Beardtings brand from customer service, packaging, product quality and added extras.

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