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Crooked Anchor beard Oil

Crooked Anchor are back with their second review where I look at the "Bergamot and Orange" Beard Oil. I have previously reviewed their "Gold" Beard Butter which you can have a look at here. Making your the foundation of any good Beard care routine, a good beard oil can either help with a lush beard or create an oily nightmare.

Outside the bottle?

Upon deliver you will find Crooked Anchor one step ahead of most of its competitors for professionalism. The bottle itself comes in its own black, small cardboard box with the branding slapped across and all the ingredients clearly visible which sometimes is a real issue when it's on the bottle however still no company address. A simple black box, with contrasting white writing makes it clear, effective and obvious what you have in front of you. Within the box you will find a 30ml beard oil with a child proof cap protecting the dropper style applicator. A matte black, glass bottle with the logo and product name clearly labelled.

Is the box really needed? No, I don't think it is but it does look nice and let's be honest, if you bought an aftershave and just a bottle turned up with no box, then wouldn't that seem weird?

Inside The Bottle?

Crooked Anchor support a 3 carrier oil blend for their products which seems a bit of a norm for companies at the moment. A 3 carrier blend can be fantastic and there's many companies who dis this very well but does this also meet the high standard set by others?

Consisting of Jojoba, Coconut and Sweet Almond Oil. The mix is a little unadventurous but has proven benefits. Jojoba and sweet almond is widely used in a lot of base blends however coconut oil has come under criticism recently. Contradictory reports of how good or bad coconut oil can be found however in my opinion nothing with truly definite backing. Coconut Oil has a multitude of benefits which can be fantastic and I personally think its an interesting ingredient.

The product is called Bergamot and Orange however there are a few more hidden gems lurking within the mix. A combine mixture of bergamot, sweet orange, sandalwood and amyris oils create the aroma mixture. Straight off the bat this mixture sounds fresh and wonderful, with instantaneous ideas of sweet, floral aromas piercing through your beard hairs.

The Review

Creating a simplistic yet professional look before you have even open the bottle is something which really stands out. By itself the bottle is nothing fancy but little touches mean the word to a user.

Getting through the child proof cap and an immediate release off summer vibes pours out of the bottle. The sweet, citrus orange is fresh backed with a floral fragrance being released by the amyris and bergamot with subtle undertones of the woody element brought in by the sandalwood. You can almost taste the juice of the orange being release as if its being ripped apart as you bite into a cool piece on a summers day and your beard is covered in the juice. This sounds sloppy but it's not, it's a feeling of warmth and a release of care which encapsulates the aroma within the bottle. The mixture has a fantastic balance of freshness, floral and very subtle wood which rotates around your beard for around 4 hours.

The base carriers has a medium thickness however I dare to say slightly on the thinner side. Sometimes a dangerous mixture to play with as this can isolate users with thicker beards however Crooked Anchor have managed to get around this with a superb mixture. The oil is super absorbing and leave very little residue within you hands. Although it soaks into you beard like a plant absorbing water during a drought, your beard doesn't feel too dry or itchy. There is a minimal amount of "crispness" which creeps in around the 4 hour mark however the dreaded itch which we all know simply doesn't follow. My beard still felt good and pretty nourished for another 3 hours before I could feel it truly worn off. For an relatively thin oil this is fantastic, which I applaud.

The conclusion

I love the little extras which come with the oil. A little box, a child proof cap and even the simplistic branding which normally I'm not a fan of, yet there's just something I like. The scent profile is fantastic and I love the feeling which it provides which boosts the scent profile to new levels. It has got a shorter scent profile than I would like but for such a light, floral aroma it does wonders lasting that long. The oil blend is simplistic yet effective but I have a thick, rough beard and personal preference does lean me to prefer thick oils however for an base mix which is relatively thin, I'm amazed at how good it managed.

I feel the overall oil is probably better for someone with a smaller or less thick beard but don't let that deter you as this has done better than a lot of others. Like the butter, I really enjoyed the oil and although this is definitely not my preferred style of product, yet it's somehow creeped its way into my top draw which is exclusive to my favourites within the UK.

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