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"Chery Spice" But Is Everything Nice?

Beard Manners are back again with their second review which actually covers the third different product type. The Rum Old Fashioned was their last review where I dived deep into the oil and balm combo however this review takes a look into the recently released beard butter. Cherry & Spice is the scent which has been lingering around my beard however can this product go beyond the standard set already?

Outside The Container?

Continuing with their more traditional and professional theme, Beard Manners have used the same Containers as they have with the beard balm. A brown UV glass container, plastic lid with the Beard Manners label wrapped around the container itself. A black label allows the tinted gold logo to pop with contrasting white writing which allows everything to be easily read. The batch label and ingredients show the flaw for this label however the item was sent before my last review which identified this error, so it would of been impossible for Jason to of fixed just yet.

The 60ml beard butter will set you back £16.99 which considering the size is around average for the market at the moment.

The branding for me doesn't scream uniqueness but it does look clean, tidy and professional. Sitting within a barbers or on a shelf in a shop and I feel the product will happily blend in within a professional circuit but compare it to some very unique branding styles within the market and there is a little to be desired. Its a massive difference between shop bought products and Instagram bought products but to amalgamate the two can seem almost impossible.

Inside The Bottle?

Continuing with the same base blend of the oil and balm by using Sweet Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Jojoba Oil but additional ingredients such as Shea Butter, Mango Butter and Avocado Butter for extra goodness. Also just to make it clear NO BEESWAX! Although I'm not a butter elitist and couldn't care less if it contained a minimal amount of wax, it's something that Jason has made very clear. In my opinion load it up with whatever you want, call it something sexy and see if people buy it however my common sense would look at the ingredients and dictate when or what the product could be used for.

The aroma which comes in a preblend form is described as a warm and enjoyable scent, with mixed notes of sweet and spice, which has become popular among the Beard Manners followers. Seeing cherry being used is actually rather refreshing as it seems to be an ingredient which is not seen very often nowadays.

The Review

Cherry & Spice beard butter is a product designed to co-exist with the brands beard balm and oil yet still be its own independent product. An item which doesn't contain beeswax could arguably be deemed as a night time product however you are the welder of your own fate and shall not be dictated to, so with that in mind its been tested during the day and night.

Opening the lid and you're met with a poured butter which is golden yellow yet slightly clear but looks set to perfection. Quickly after opening the lid you are met with a deeply rich dark cherry smell which is more reminiscent of a dark fruits gateau rather than a sweetly succulent red cherry. Removing the butter from the container, it pulls out in a silky smooth manner like softened butter with a texture which is almost faultless. No clumps or grains could be felt and it shows how Beard Manners are taking their time to make sure things are being cooked right. Rub the product within your hands and it melts down almost instantly leaving you with a clear texture on yours hand to rub deep into that beard. Allowing the product to warm up only intensifies the deeply rich scent profile which is bolstered with a warmth and kick from a cinnamon background which is festering behind to richness. Applying the product to your beard and it does have a fair amount of weight which is consistent with poured butters and its thicker tendencies compared to whipped however it allows you to produce a subliminal mental note that the product is in your beard with intentions to nourish. The product holds within your beard for around 5 hours with deeper penetration into the beard follicles with a very slow drop off rate leading towards another 4 hours of comfort before any dryness sets in. Over zealous use can feel like your face is slightly clogged and that will have a knock on effect to excess residue however a more liberal approach will see that fine balance work out perfectly.

The scent profile is layered with waves of different aromas which cascade over each other with a magnificent mergence. The initial cherry scent strength lasts around 2 hours and it is surprisingly punchy with a rich cherry taking the forefront however don't get it confused with a sweet summer bite. After a short period of time the cinnamon erodes at the rich cherry which brings a warmth and spice that is unmissable and lasts approximately another 2 or 3 hours. There is a short overlap where the cherry is still present but the cinnamon begins to overpower and at that time it feels like a climax for the scent. The overall aroma packs a medium level punch which allows the product to be comfortable on your beard during the night time without it overpowering the bedroom.


Overall Beard Manners have done it again with another product which sets the bar for first time production. The butter has some fantastic ingredients which do everything the are supposed to do, and the scent is fantastic without being too overpowering. There are similarities in texture between the beard balm and butter which in my personal opinion leads me to prefer the balm for day use and the butter for night time use however having a heavier feeling beard with slightly more residue does have its cons especially for the pillows.

If your looking for a poured butter then I can't recommend this enough and firmly believe Beard Manners are another company who have their basics firmly nailed yet with a little more flair can look at expanding even further.

For The Future

As much as I like the butter I can't help but feel the similarities to the balm are a little too much. If butters are the aim then I think whipped butters are definitely the way forward. Forget about lavender scents as it's been done by a lot of brands but experiment with some whipping or folding to find a product which moves away from the soft poured feeling which will allow the customers a different feeling within their beards.

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