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Bucking Buccaneer or Pathetic Pirate? Brenin Beard Co beard oil

New boys on the block Scott and Josh are a already causing a stir (in a good way) within the Instagram bearded community by utilising reviewers like Tony The Bearded Brit and getting themselves on The UK Beard Portal. Considering that the company only launched on the 30th April 2021 they have definitely dived into the deep end which can provide a cruel twist of fate causing the threads of their company to unravel or create a tapestry of gold for them to progress.

This time they face the wrath of my typing fingers and have entrusted me with Buccaneer beard oil but will this oil be a plunder of gold in your beard or does it deserve to walk the plank to a watery grave down the sink?

Outside The Bottle

Branding has always been a topic which is high on my list yet very low on many other reviewers. Claims of "you buy it for ingredients and nourishment inside the bottle" are met with disdain and a bellow of utter bullshit for my response. Without the luxury of being able to use the product before we buy then branding is KEY, because truthfully we are all like magpies looking for something shiny to catch our eyes. You wouldn't buy a product if it looked cheap or tacky especially if promoting through Instagram. Thankfully Brenin Beard Co have the same mentality of myself which is why they have launched with some stand out packaging. A 30ml variant costing £12.99, pipette applicator, white bottle, black labelling with gold / white writing screams for your attention like the missus when your on a lads night out. A white bottle is rarely used (in my limited product knowledge) but combining it with the black and gold it brings a element of class yet funkiness like 90's r&b videos where everyone wore white. Yet when nestled amongst a draw full of other beard brands it doesn't look like a throw back but more of a standout winner.

My first criticism was going to be about the labelling and its actually missing a few important product details however after a recent review by The Bearded Brit, taking on his feedback, then Josh and Scott the company owners have decided to scrap the old labels and produced new / improved labels identifying everything which should be on them. In the words of Josh himself " if your going to do things, then make sure it's done right." Checking out the new labels allowed them to undertake a few minor tweaks to get all the legal mumbo jumbo clearly readable for the average Joe to understand. This shows that Brenin are a company will to accept their flaws in order to grow as a company.

Inside The Bottle

If branding was the only issue to worry about the Brenin would have it sussed however I suppose ingredients would be beneficial. A contents of Golden Jojoba, Castor, Sweet Almond, Macadamia and Grapeseed Oil are hidden behind the white coating exterior. Jojoba is a fantastic ingredient but to go a little further an use unrefined Golden Jojoba just steps things up a notch in my opinion. Sweet Almond, Grapeseed are great nourishing ingredients but Castor is the one which brings it together to give longer nourishing properties. Macadamia is actually a new one for me which is buried amongst the mixture but it is great to see a brand bringing in new style ingredients whilst still sticking to proven recipes.

The Buccaneer scent consists of Sweet Rum and Lime. Not exactly the most adventurous blend, with rum being a fan favourite at the moment within the industry. Sometimes simple is better however with the scent mixture holding firmly within the top / middle notes gives an initial concern of scent longevity.

The Review

If you haven't realised it yet then I'm going to get this part out of the way with pretty swiftly. I love the branding, I love the white bottle and for me its a stellar performance from the guys. Creating attention in my beard oil draw is becoming ever harder however Brenin Beard Co have done exactly that with the white bottle, however I would like to see a different dropper top if there's ever room for improvement. I ask that simply to make it stand out even more with a gold or white pipette would eclipse most others in my opinion.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty and talk about the product itself. The aroma release from the bottle is sweet and fruity with a subtle hint of rum for its backdrop which gives a minimal punch upon big sniffs. The aroma is more like a bag of tropical skittles than a Caribbean cocktail as the sweetness heavily outweighs the rum but a scent neither less which was pleasant and gave a low / medium powered punch for scent strength. Scent longevity would last between 2 - 3 hours at a push for me as an outdoor worker, and unfortunately it wasn't an aroma which you could get a second wind hours down the line.

The base carrier oil blend comes out within the medium viscosity category in my opinion (or after recent reviews everything comes out thinner.) A light golden oil glistens in the sunlight which is to be expected by trying to use unrefined products. Apply to the beard and it feels relatively light, with no tackiness or residue left hanging from your beard. The absorption rate peaks at around 4 hours where you feel it's truly penetrated into your skin and at at this point the slow decline begins. The perks of using a thicker oil like Castor is that it slows this decline, so despite the dryness beginning to set in, the beard doesn't itch until around the 9 hour mark, which is a solid performance for any oil. Throughout the day my grubby hands would run through my beard which felt soft but most importantly at no time did it feel greasy with excess product usage.


Overall I think the new boys can walk out of this lions den with their heads held high and hopefully continue on their path of collecting criticism and growing. The branding is fantastic if I haven't said this already. The oil nourishment is really good and in my opinion way above average or acceptable. Giving the benefits of good absorption rates plus the longevity nourishment from the Castor oil works really well to find the balance. The scent profile for me was a little too simplistic and I really would like to see another rum scent but taken to the next level. Having dabbled in my own beard oil experiments, I have produced something very similar and I'm rubbish at it which is why I'm a reviewer and not a company owner. Scent longevity was a little too short in my opinion but when creating an oil without base notes that was to be expected from the start. I know CPSR restrictions can play havoc on scent longevity but having the top / middle / base mixture is key for scent longevity. Whilst it sounds like I'm being overly critical I genuinely did like the aroma but considering the industry popularity for rum and how strong it can be, then I did feel a little disappointed which takes off a small shine from an otherwise really good product and DEFINATLEY on the "must try list" for everyone.

If You Would Like To Purchase Anything From Brenin Beard Co Then Please Click Here.

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