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Blood Orange Soaked Beard Butter By Clansman Beard Company

The Clansman Beard Company are a relatively new company with a strong footing in Facebook however like any good organisation, they must be able to utilise their presence across multiple social media platforms. Their Instagram following is only small however this brand has its sights locked and loaded for success under the ideas that their high quality products will breed in popularity. Despite being based in England, Stuart the owner has a strong Scottish heritage which has inspired him to tap deep into the clans bloodline for his theme.

Blood Orange and Bergamot Beard Butter is the product which will meet my Claymore review style which is big, outlandish and destructive yet efficient and sometimes elegant. Whilst this is a new review, I have opted for a new review format as well. Perhaps the orange blood lust has drawn me into a false sense of security, forming a veil egotistical madness, yet whatever the reason I've decided to shrug off my trusted format.

Should You Buy it?

The brutish and layman answer is quite simply YES, yet not for the reason of it being another good product. The Clansman Beard Company are a brand trying to set the quality standard which so few obtain when competing in a saturated market and bound by limitations in comparison to the US.

There's so much more to this company than what meets the eye, in which small details equate to an abundance of reasons why you should get behind them, to which I will outline below.

Replica Or Original?

Branding is something which is close to my heart and ultimately can help to launch a company into the upper realms however with a rise in small batch brands, often you will see recurring themes which appear to have been drafted up 10 minutes into a Canva session after typing "beard" into the photo imagery. Whilst I admit a Scottish theme is hardly original, it does allow for a more complex narrative which can journey into the Highlands, battles, culture or even tip toe into Scandinavian / Viking / Norse mythology.

Cobalt blue glass containers keep with the Scottish colours and a unmissable Saltire is present just in case you haven't got the message that blue is the colour.

Labelling is pretty good however a few minor errors like no scientific names or even lack of allergens is abundantly clear to a trained eye which takes a small shine off a section which goes amiss to the average consumer. To have a clear understanding of what's needed then check out my blog on legal compliance HERE.

Why It's Worth Purchasing?

Small detail after small detail and it all adds up, which in my opinion accumulates to a fantastic product. I have touched on the branding theme already which is fresh, eye pleasing, patriotic (even though I'm English) but overall it's a little different, which allows it to create a niche for the company storytelling.

If branding ain't your thing then looking into the ingredients and its another bar of excellence by using Soil Association Certified ingredients to help boost natural goodness. Having a high quality of unrefined, natural, organic, cruelty free, vegan friendly, tips the scales especially if your part of the purist group where everything has to be ethically sourced, this is where The Clansman Beard Company have got you covered.

Customer service 101 is covered by Stuart who is the company owner. Quick, reliable, polite and very knowledgeable. I have had quite a few conversations with Stuart regarding his products already, the depth of knowledge combined with his passion matches some of my favourite brands. He's highly motivated to make sure things are done better and even quizzed me to spot faults on his labels the first day I got them, which shows he knows his flaws and wants to improve. Stuart is not here for a quick dollar, just trying to pump out products and content yet he does lack a social media prowess or interactive feeds which are cleverly crafted by company owners to dictate their audience narrative. Perhaps it's a new environment or even perhaps still a teething stage as the company was formed Jan 2021 however its something which can be worked on.

How Did The Product Perform?

Ultimately the product has to perform and what a performance it has been. Designed as a night time butter despite its beeswax ingredient, the aim is to nourish, soften and hydrate your beard. A super soft and partially fluffy poured butter does an astonishing job at beard management. The beeswax is used to create stability within the product due to its soft nature which comes from the other ingredients of Shea Butter, Coconut Butter, Argan Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. Whilst some people don't like beeswax within a bed time butter, I can happily say that it's barely noticeable and I have had other products with no beeswax creating an even firmer hold due to the overall density. I feel the product acts more as a hybrid with the butter being highly infused with oil which transfers across when applying to your beard as excessive usage can feel a little overbearing, so small doses should be used at first. This potential hybrid mixture also plays a part regarding butter longevity, as applying it before bed would leave your beard nourished until the morning with no dryness however you could feel the product had reached its peak, thus indicating product nourishment time of around 8 - 10 hours. Daily use has easily seen quite a few of my coarse hairs soften which show the hair moisturising properties of the butter. Acting more of a hybrid butter / oil rather than a true butter, the skin penetration has been exceptional but the additional Shea and Coconut Butter has helped with beard softening properties however I felt this was more of a secondary component. Orange and Bergamot is the scent profile, despite its simplistic mixture the balance is almost perfect for its purpose by moving away from the traditional Lavender aroma for bed time and this is a refreshing change. The Blood Orange creates a juicy, rich twang which is bolstered by the sweet fruitiness and having an ever so tiny hint of berry, combine this with the citrus and soft floral notes of the Bergamot allows the aroma to be reminiscent of a summer haze through an Orchard which evokes a calm and tranquil sentiment. A heavily infused citrus and floral aroma rarely saw the scent lasting beyond 3 hours however considering its an overnight product then this limited longevity neither bothered me or lured me into a false security where I considered it for day use.

The Final Say

If you like the feeling of soft night time butters however detest Lavender or just want to try a different style of butter then this is a must try. Extremely soft despite its beeswax content, the product feels more like a hybrid rather than a traditional butter and stands out by giving something a little different. Combine a really good product with great ingredients, solid branding and a enthusiastic owner then the potential is there for expansion.

If You Would Like To Purchase Anything From The Clansman Beard Company The Please Click Here.

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