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BigPhat.... Hair?

One of the perks of being a product reviewer is that you get to use some amazing products however what's even better is when you get to trial a new product which ain't even ready for release yet. This is the case for an AMAZING company which comes out of Northern Ireland called BigPhat Beard. This company already has established itself as a powerhouse within the UK small batch beard industry but with visions to take over the world, the next logical step is into other men's grooming products.

John who runs BigPhat Beard is a tinkering technician within the product kitchen and is forever creating new products for future ideas. John's latest revolution has no name yet so I'm calling it BigPhat Hair. An idea which moves from beard hair to head hair seems like a simplistic idea however as John will tell you that this is far from an easy transition.

Here is a part for you to sing... "you put de lime in the coconut." Not implying John has been inspired from any 1970's song by Harry Nilsson however John has created a lime and coconut scent profile which releases from the tin when unscrewing and is harbouring a soft hair clay inside. The lime has a soft zest which nestles amongst a smooth coconut aroma. Its a lovely mixture which doesn't feel overpowering but enough to create a subtle aroma and create a pleasurable experience.

The clay has a soft feeling when removing it from the tin which clumps together slightly as the product is slightly tacky. Rubbing it down between your hands and its incredibly smooth with no issues of lumps or bumps. As the product warms up it becomes easily manageable and can be applied to your hair in several swoops without the worry of leaving clumps or thick patches within your hair. Applying a final brush through allows you to set your style leaving a lush shine and putting your unruly hairs in place however there is a small amount of play within the hold making it slightly re-mouldable (if that's even a word). It is a soft holding product so if your hair is much like a wildling then unfortunately it won't be much help as I have a double "cows lick" and it struggled slightly to keep that part in check. The hold within your hair does last a considerably lengthy time though, with the first application in the morning and still having kept it's overall shape until the late evening. A splash of rain or even a blast from the shower still leaves the product within your hair to a lesser form however when you start to apply shampoo then it breaks down really quickly.

Overall I think John has done a fantastic job especially for his first attempt. Moving forward I want to see the scent being a little stronger or possibly one of his signature oil scents being thrown into the mix, a Woodchop Hair Clay perhaps? The product is great but just a little more strength to help with the final few hairs and I personally think John is onto a massive winner which shows his versatility to jump from one set of hair to the next.

Although this product is not available to purchase there is a wide variety of beard products at your disposal to have a look through.

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