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BigFoot Mango Madness .... The Final Review

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

It's time to complete the Exotic Mango Madness trilogy and produce the final review for BigFoot Beard Co with his mango inspired scents.

Shift straight into the ingredients your greeted with Shea Butter, Bees Wax, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil and finished with the fragrance oils. The base ingredients act as a fantastic combo in moisturizing your beard and acting as a sealant to help prevent daily grime. Beeswax is especially important as it helps to style the beard giving it the strength needed to truly call it a balm. The carrier oils infused with the base ingredients help to nourish the skin helping with itching and dandruff. Overall it's a fantastic use of ingredients to give the product a solid foundation to work magic on your beard.

The balm itself is a medium hold but when scraping it out of the tin its pretty solid and slightly reminiscent of a moustache wax. The balm does a fantastic job putting the scraggly hairs in the correct place however theres not enough grip for my untrained moustache to keep a firm hold in the upright position but that's why you purchase specific moustache wax. Rubbing the balm together and its silky smooth which shows the hard work put in during the mixing / cooking phase. Theres not a single lump or bump within the balm which is truly impressive in itself. The mango scent is as powerful as ever when applying as if rubbing a mango puree straight into the beard.

The dulset tones of mango lasts around the 5+ hour mark before the bland shea butter start starts to take grip and the punch is lost however the balm ingredients continue to do its magic continuing to keep your beard moisturized past the 10+ hour mark.

Overall the balm does a fantastic job keeping the scraggly hairs at bay and providing nourishment to the beard however my only critic is that I wanted the scent to last a little longer.

It's a perfect combination with the oil giving you everything you need to keep you feeling refreshed and sweet. Simon does an amazing job on creating products and for me his one of my "go to" companies which I will recommend to anyone.

If You Would Like To Purchase The Exotic Mango Beard Balm Please Click HERE

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