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BigFoot Mango Madness Part 2

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Jumping back to BigFoot Beard Co for their product review of the Exotic Mango Beard Oil.

Jumping straight into the carrier oils and its pumped full of goodies. Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Castor and added Vitamin E. This in itself is a mighty task balancing the selection of oils which all bring bonuses to your skin. Varying from anti-inflammatory, dandruff reduction, increases blood flow circulation, and healthy beard follicle growth are just a number of benefits spewing from the mix of BigFoots cauldron.

The oil itself is a medium viscosity and rubs into the beard like melted butter, leaving the beard instantly nourished from a strong dosage. The castor oil does a fantastic job holding within the beard to help nourish throughout the day preventing the beard from drying out too quick.

The Exotic Mango scent is FANTASTIC!! The second I opened the bottle I messaged Simon to explain how amazing it was. It's an extremely underrated scent within the industry and Bigfoot have done an amazing job capturing the "exotic" feeling. Much like my reference for the soap when walking around The Body Shop I'm now transported to warmer climates with a Solero ice lolly melting deep into my beard. It's an amazing feeling to have an oil which gives you sensations to pull you away from the 9-5 doom and gloom. The scent profile combines the mango and slightly deeper earthy tones which gives it a lasting scent of around 6 hours. It's not the longest lasting scent but when its present then my head is away with the clouds. Keeping that in mind it turns the oil into a definite 2 usage per day product which you should be doing anyway but you wont be able to get away without an evening application.

Overall Bigfoot have done a fantastic job building on a already established range and bringing something sweet, fresh and natural rather than sweetie scents which feel synthetic, manufactured and at times even sickly.

If you haven't sorted Christmas presents already then Bigfoot is definitely a contender for the present list especially with their gift box sets which are currently being sold.

If You Would Like To Purchase The Exotic Mango Beard Oil Please Click HERE

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