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BigFoot Mango Madness Part 1

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

BigFoot Beard Co have been around the beard industry a little while now with a growing popularity and established name you can trust.

I have the pleasure of reviewing their new Exotic Mango range which includes a soap, balm and oil however as each deserve their own focus and this review will be on the soap only.

Whilst beard soap is nothing new within the industry its proving to become more popular by allowing customers to remove the grim from their beards.

As soon you you open then packaging a subtle Mango punch whiffs through from a healthy sized product. The mango scent is not too overpowering but enough to enjoy without feeling knocked out.

Using the product and it's not too different than many others offering a great clean however don't leave it in your beard too long otherwise it gets squeaky like most others. The manago scent continues to linger during use and it lathers up exceptionally well turning your beard into something similair to a white Santa Claus beard. The scent is extremly enjoyable and almost feels like a guilty pleasure with flashbacks of forcefully be walked round The Body Shop with the missus then picking up random balms or butters and really liking them but denying it because your a man and we couldnt possibly like it. Beyond the scent this is where BigFoot starts to differ than others with its microbeads buried within the soap as little black dots. I originally thought this was just decorative however these little black pods help scrub your beard and pores removing excess dirt allowing a exfoliation of your skin. I have never experienced a beard soap like this and my hat gets taken off for this simplistic and proven idea allowing for a deeper clean of a grubby beard. It's a well known fact to have exfoliating scrubs for your body so why not a beard and for anyone with spot prone skin underneath their beard, then this is a essential item.

Overall its not a bearded revolution however its taking something which is tested and proven, applying it to a beard soap which elevates your experience to the next level, which gives it a one up edge over other soaps.

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