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A Premium Experience Part 1? With Beard Monsters

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Beard Monsters provide an outstanding Basic Range collection which provides nourishment and fantastic value for money (check out their previous review) however they also provide a Premium Range with hopes to do the same in an extremely competitive section of the UK beard market. I'm going to give you my thoughts on their Dark Oak and Cedar beard oil.

Outside The Bottle

The premium range gets delivered in its own independent packaging which instantly gives it a feel of professionalism. The bottle is matte black, has a nice weight and overall reeks quality. The label continues with the black theme and a white print which creates a nice contrast however the black theme is heavily used within the industry, so it doesn't create a stand out impression for me when standing against 20 other bottles.

The oil itself comes in a hefty 50ml bottle which is massive in comparison to most other companies 30ml bottles however with an increased size so is the the price tag which comes in at £17.94 and thats not cheap. Breaking down that price though and i'm shockingly surprised how well it works out. The increased size is an additional 40% more product than a 30ml variant which means if Beard Monsters created a 30ml product it equates to only £10.76 and that is an EXTREMLY competitive price for a premium product.

Also this is providing my maths is correct.

Inside The Bottle

The oil itself is a lovely consistency which steps into the medium viscosity with all the added extras separating it from the basic range and it's thin oil. This type of oil is best suited for individuals with small to medium size length.

Time to break down the facts :

[ ] Almond Oil - High in natural fatty acids which helps beard growth, eliminates dandruff and helps with inflammation in scratchy beards

[ ] Grapeseed Oil - Acts as a natural clenser by unclogging your beard follicles with a quick absorption rate.

[ ] Castor Oil - A really thick oil which helps to lock in moisture, prevent hair breakages and split ends to give your beard a lush look.

[ ] Kukui Nut Oil - Rich in natural fatty acids and nutrients aimed to promote beard growth and calm the skin.

[ ] Marula Oil - Described as a miracle oil it has a magnitude of benifits from strengthen hair, helping with dry or acne prone skin and helps with aging skin. High in antioxidants, fatty acids and amino acids.

[ ] Blueberry Seed Oil - High in Antioxidants and natural Vitamin E which helps with your skin and general beard growth

[ ] Vitamin E - Additional Vitamin E throws into the concoction is a massive boost in creating a healthy beard.

That is a large amount of carrier oils which all have amazing benifits but the balance can be tricky making sure the oil sits well within a beard.

How Does The Product Perform?

Considering the product is labelled as Dark Oak and Cedar my natural through lead me to a deep earthy aroma riddled with musk taking me on a woodland winter journey.

NO NO NO my friends, this is where things got interesting. Rather than the rich, deep earthy tones expected, I was greeted with much lighter and fragrant aromas. A light floral blast which is concealed behind deeper woody tones is an intriguing mixture. It's a lovely balance of softness combined with a richness of woodland emerging from the oak and cedar. This softer aromas hold within your beard for around 2 or 3 hours where the deep earthy tones take hold and evolves the aroma into a forest frenzy for a final 2 or 3 hours.

It's very reminiscent of a spring walk after an April shower with the flowers emerging and the woodland giving off its ageing scent.

The oil itself has a nice thickness and feels so much better than the basic range. It nourishes your beard for a large part of the working day however come 7 hours it's starting to struggle slightly with the dryness kicking in.


The scent profile is really nice and I really enjoy how the floral combines with the deep cedar however my criticism regarding the scent is that I would of preferred the floral to be a little more sharper as currently it blends into the other scents a little too easy, becoming muddled rather than being crisp and truly standing out.

As always scent and oil longevity is another key factor and this will last a majority of the working day however being an outside worker I feel the product takes a battering a little harder than most other people.

It's a great product but for me its slightly off the mark of an elite item within the "Premium" product range due to a high standard currently being set. I want crisp, powerful scents which last all day, with the oil nourishing from the second I start in the morning until the second I get showered in the evening which unfortunately it just doesn't deliver but its still truly deserving to be part of the premium category.

If You Would Like To Purchase The Dark Oak And Cedarwood Beard Oil Please Click HERE

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