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Back To Basics With BeardMonsters

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Beardmonsters are are here with me featuring their first set of reviews, where I will be breaking down the Oriental Oud beard oil. This product originates from the Basic range which is aimed to be a high quality oil for a competitive price.

Outside The Tin

The branding behind the basic range is very simplistic with white labels and clear black lettering. This style of branding is very clean, no nonsense and especially not trying to hide anything. The clean white branding actually stands out pretty nicely in comparison to other companies which is a always a bonus.

Inside The Tin

The base range carrier oils consists of Apricot Kernel Oil, Crambe Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil and Argan Oil.

The combination creates a fantastic base for their products but let's break down each oil :

[ ] Apricot Kernel Oil - Great at stimulating hair growth and retaining moisture to keep your beard feeling healthy. The oil is also very light allowing it to deeply penetrate the hairs which gives it an additional benefit of treating damaged skin under your beard. Used occasionally within beard brands however still a bit of a trade secret.

[ ] Crambe Seed Oil - Aimed to improve the look of beard hair along with strengthen properties. High in erucic acid which will help give your beard a glossy shine. Relatively unused within he beard industry and a first for me.

[ ] Jojoba Seed Oil - A very widely used oil which recreates the natural sebum oil created by your skin. Used to moisturize and and reduce breakages within your beard.

[ ] Argan Oil - another widely used oil which is used to reduce dandruff, itching, dryness with an additional natural Vitamin E bonus.

How Did It Perform?

The scent profile for Oriental Oud is a combination of natural and synthetically enhanced natural occurring scents. The first aroma which pulls through is Oud and it gives a big punch. Oud is used within loads of high end aftershaves and you can see why. The Oud gives you a very rich aroma with scents of floral aftershave combining with Tonka Bean which only boosts that richness but brings a slight warmth which is then elevated by the Clove Oil extract creating a minimalist kick but added depth.

The scent profile is complex and explosive, bringing a magnitude of aromas in a very short period. Unfortunately this scent profile is as far as it goes and it doesn't evolve beyond its explosive start with it disappearing around the 2 / 3 hour mark. I'm a firm believer of scents lasting throughout the day and I would expect a little more even for a basic range product.

The arrangement of carrier oils is a great mix of well know oils combined with a few lesser used oils. The oil itself is a thin to medium viscosity which allows for great penetration through your beard and into your skin however as the beard oil is relatively thin it does struggle to last a full day and your looking at around 4 - 5 hours before any dryness starts to kick in. Ideally this oil is best suited for newer or shorter beards.


Overall I really like the product and would definitely recommend it as a competitively priced product. The carrier oils do a good job keeping your beard nourished for a thinner beard and the scent profile is stunning despite its limited staying power. In comparison to other oils priced the same I think this stands out as one of the better quality products priced below £10 and actually beats a few "premium" brands. You do get what you pay for though to which I feel that it's fair to overlook it's short comings for a product which is below the socially accepted price for a beard oil.

If You Would Like To Purchase The Oriental Oud Beard Oil Please Click HERE

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