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Back To Basics Part 2 With Beard Monsters

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Beard Monsters are back again for part 2 of their basic range review. This time round we put under the microscope their Liquorice and Blackcurrant balm. When I received the product I knew this was going to probably be one of my hardest products to break down and review. Not because of its complex scent ingredients but because of a youthful mistake drinking Perno, Blackcurrant and Lemonade which shakes me to the core every time I smell anything reminiscent of aniseed.

Whats outside the tin?

A classic silver tin with white and black logos continues the theme of the basic range and in these circumstances less is more.

What's inside the tin?

Stepping into the ingredients, its very traditional using well established items to mix into a medium hold balm. The balm does sit firmly within the tin however removing it shows a smoother texture which rubs down very quickly. A lovely combination of Cocoa Butter, Sea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Beeswax forms the base ingredients to the basic balm.

What's the benefits?

Cocoa Butter - Used to soften the beard hair as its high in natural Vitamin E plus helps to hydrate your skin.

Shea Butter - Another ingredient used to soften then beard due to its high percentage of fatty acids and vitamins plus it has anti-inflamatory properties. Used as a main ingredients in most balms and butters.

Sweet Almond Oil - Encourages hair growth using its protein, biotin and magnesium properties plus helps to ease dandruff within a beard.

Beeswax - used as the main ingredient for hold within a balm. Help to moisturise you skin and beard however if you want your balm to last, then this is what you need.

How does it handle in the beard?

The scent profile is simplistic but effective using only two main aromas to float around your face. Its not pulling any fancy tricks using 10 different aromas, so you know what your getting. A stronger blackcurrant scent guides the aroma with more subtle tones of aniseed pushes through powerfully at seemingly random moments. The two scents battle it out for around 3 hours when the liquorice takes over subtley in the final phase for roughly another 2 hours before it completely dies away however the balm properties will last around 6 or 7 hours before you feel the goodness fade away. Considering this is a value range I'm impressed with its quality.

Is it worth it?

Overall I think Beard Monsters have done another fantastic job creating a beard balm which is priced below £10. The ingredients are great, the scent staying power is good for its price and I feel it provides fantastic value for money just like the basic range oil. I personally am not keen on the scent due to a personal preference but I can appreciate the work put in behind it. If this is your type of scent then its definitely worth a look at as not many competitors will beat it as overall value for money.

If You Would Like To Purchase The Blackcurrant And Liquorice Bear Balm Please Click HERE

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