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Are Viking Beards The Best?

The oils reviewes where Fresh Citrus and Sweet Floral and both come in a standard 30ml bottle. Fresh Citrus has a lovely zest about it combining peppermint, lemon and orange whilst Sweet Floral is clean using a strong spearmint base combined with sweet orange. It is a free pour bottle which admittedly I was very dubious about at the begining. I always prefer a pipette simply because it give you more control and direction for oil application. The oil itself is very thick so when you are pouring its quite easy to control however over pouring can leave you with an oily beard or wastage. Someone with a thick beard can easily dose up however for newer beards the product would need a decent amount of attention when applying which doesnt happen from me at 5am. When applying to your beard the thickness of the oil surprisingly soaks through to your skin really well leaving your beard feeling really good for a very long period of the day however this could be down to the amount of oil used but either way the oil itself is fantastic. Using the oil consistently for the week and genuinely I felt my beard get less wirey throughout the day and my skin nourished. My main gripe with the product though is the scents. Whilst both Sweet Floral and Fresh Citrus does exactly as it says on the label the scents just don't last. Yes both scent profiles are supposed to be subtle in comparison to the earthy or musty scents but you're lucky to get an hour or two before the scent is gone however the oil is still sitting in your beard wonderfully well.

The contrast of a stunning oils but disappointing scent longevity puts me at a confusing crossroad. I love the oil, the simplistic packaging, and for £9.50 the oils is at a very competitive price, im even happy with a free pour lids plus the other wonderful products available to buy however the scent longevity is really disappointing.

Overall it's a solid product and I would happily get behind but expect these scents to give you a blast of freshness and be on their way leaving you with a fantastic base oil.

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