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Apple Spice and Everything Nice By A Tartan Tale Beard Co

A Tartan Tale is a company based in Scotland which is new to the reviewing website. A 3 part selection of beard oils available to purchase which are all deeply rooted and inspired by childhood memories with a Scottish twist.

The first product which is up for review is the beard oil Apple Spice and All Things Nice.

Outside The Bottle

A Tartan Tale comes I'm a standard 30ml variant which is encased in a cobolt blue bottle with a pipette style applicator. This colour of bottle is nice and stands out from the traditional black or brown bottles whilst creating a familiar feeling. A dark blue background with a blue circular thistle and writing in the middle acts as the company logo with unique colouring for the product title will help to differentiate between scent profiles. Between the label and an additional card strapped to the bottle allows the company to ensure they cover all their bases for legal compliance. Finishing off the look is a Tartan ribbon tied to the neck of the bottle completes the look of an extremely patriotic branding theme.

Whilst there's no special square bottles or anything fancy I feel the branding is spot on. The ribbon is the tiny gesture which makes this stand out from the crowd without the need to be outlandish or gaudy.

Marked up at £10 for a bottle is a very competitively priced for beard oil within the current market for small batch companies.

Inside The Bottle

With a scent description which sounds good enough to eat we find that fragrance oils are used to create the aroma which is described as freshly baked apple drizzled with a sweet caramel sauce and finished with a dash of spice.

The base carrier blend is a simplistic 3 oil mix consisting of Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Kukui Nut Oil. This type of base blend would naturally produce a thicker carrier blend aimed for longevity within the beard.

The Review

A Tartan Tale knows how to brand a bottle and this feel like everything is covered. Safety compliance info which is often missed, ingredients and all easily accessible on the card tied to the bottle however considering it is a big piece of card this sometimes gets in the way.

Working around the ribbon because I refuse to take it off you can unscrew the cap to release the aroma to be met with exactly as the scent is described. A warm apple strudel aroma which is layered with caramel. Its a scent which is so infectious and an absolute joy which brings back childhood memories of bakery store trips with my mum. The aroma pulls through a sweetness and warmth which is almost indescribable. I can almost taste the apple strudel as it crumbles to catch the soft cinnamon which releases. The overall scent profile lasted around the 5 or 6 hour mark which felt plenty before it got too sickly.

The carrier mix enters into a category of its own which I classify as THICC! It's unlike anything I have felt so far and is on the verge of being almost syrup like. The dropper became redundant pretty quickly as the application method due to the oil thickness and simply couldn't pull up enough oil to make it worth while. The base blend has a slight stickiness to it due to the thickness off the oil which is a little off putting when apply and trying to comb through your beard. Once in beard it almost feels like a soft hold balm as it's sits, nourishes and refuses to go anywhere. With this type of thick oil there is a lot of residue which gets left on your hands if you play with your beard during the day however your looking at 10+ hours of duration for feel in beard.

The conclusion.

Apple Spice and All Things Nice is an oil which will split the community like haggis or marmite. The scent profile I think most guys can get behind and will like however the base blend is where the dividing line will be drawn. An oil this thick is an unusual feeling when within the beard and it's slight sticky texture can put you off however it slowly grew on me and I really like the product. I feel for new beardsman this will simply just be too much and its design for a seasoned bearded veteran with thick beards. My criticism is the pipette applicator is a massive waste of time and either needs removing so it's a pour bottle or better pipettes to be used. Overall I found A Tartan Tale to be a true journey which has lead me down memory lane which not many others have accomplished.

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