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A Reviewer And The Seven Potions

Seven Potions is a relatively experienced company being around since 2015, which would see them as being a brand established before the true beard boom over the last couple of years. Seven Potions has an aim to create excellence for the modern gentleman.

Going under the microscope is the Citrus Tonic Beard Oil and Balm Combo.

Outside The Bottle

Seven Potions oil comes in a 30ml glass bottle which screams elegance. A black dropper top and a bright yellow, rounded bottle which is slightly wider and shorter gives the product a standout look compared to most others. The blue, sketched logo looks professionally drawn on with clear lettering ensures there's no mistaking this amongst a crowd giving the product a feeling of a bespoke designed especially for me.

The balm comes with a screw top lid in a 60ml variant. A yellow lid with embossed writing makes this something which very few can keep up with. Just holding the tin in your hand and it's instantaneously recognisable because of the embossed writing which at 5am and trying not to wake up the missus with my phone torch, proved to be a surprised blessing.

The packaging is elegant, stylish but yet simple. It looks and feels from a time where males was expected to be gentlemen and for me fits the feeling of excellence in an old fashioned way.

What's Inside The Bottle

Clear latin and common names are used on the bottle which enables everyone to clearly understand the ingredients without the need for Google.

Apricot Kernel Oil - An overall wonder oil which is great for all hair and skin types. Great at retaining moisture and deeply penetrates into the skin / beard.

Sweet Almond Oil - Another all-round oil for enhancing skin and beard hair qualities. Can help acting as a beard growth stimulant but it's main properties are for eliminating dandruff and itchy inflammation.

Crambe Seed Oil - Relatively unused but a fantastic oil which creates shine and moisture which is quickly absorbed into the skin.

Jojoba Oil - The current daddy of beard carrier oils. A natural replicant of sebum which gives deep nourishment and a protective coating to your beard.

Kukui Nut - Another relatively hidden gem and shunned by most however this oil is rich in natural nutrients which promotes overall healthier beard hairs.

Vitamin E - Used to give the products a little but more of a boost (not that's its needed) but this added bonus gives will help with blood flow circulation which encourages the appropriate nutrients getting to your hair follicles.

Finishing off the scent profile with a lemon, lime, cedarwood and sandalwood aroma to give the Citrus an uncanny likeness to its name which I have seen many times being misrepresented due to quirky attempts at naming the product.

The balm is cramped packed full of ingredients which is almost too big for the label.

Apricot Kernel Oil - Used as a carrier in the oil and and overall great product for hair and skin and deeply penetrative.

Peach Kernel Oil - Used to give your hair a natural shine ad creates a UV layer combating sun damage and dryness.

Coconut Oil - Used to help decrease split ends and gives a protective barrier to your hair whilst nourishing your skin.

Sweet Almond Oil - Used as a carrier in the oil this helps nourishing the skin by eliminating dandruff and itching inflammation.

Jojoba Oil - Used as a carrier in the Oil. The Big Mac of carrier oils at the moment with a multitude of properties which promote healthy beard growth.

Cocoa Butter - Ultimately this is used to give you the softest of beards and is widely recognised as an absolute must ingredient.

Shae Butter - Another fantastic ingredient used to nourish and soften those pesky whiskers but gives additional benefits of a general protector against the elements with its protective layer.

Sunflower Oil - Will help with breakages and general hair loss however with the rise in other ingredients it has becomes slightly more redundant and less used.

Olive Oil - Relatively unused within the industry and not a huge amount of studies however what is present indicates it acts as a natural moisturizer and helps with breakages. Interesting to see this used.

Berry Fruit Wax - Used as a substitute to bees wax and widely used in cosmetics due to its shine when applied to the user. Very rarely used within the beard industry.

Caranuba Wax - Derived from the Brazilian Palm Tree and will give the product a plasticky effect and shine looking after your beard with a fantastic coating and a deeply nourishing layer underneath. Palm tree forestation around the world has caused devastating effects and palm tree products can be a "marmite" ingredient for some people.

Kukui Nut - Used as a carrier oil and is rich in nutrients which will promote and overall healthy beard.

Vitamin E - The addition bonus applied into the balm which completes this packed product. Increasing blood flow circulation and aid with hair growth.

WOW, now that is packed with ingredients designed to give you the best beard around. There's not much complaints from me and its great to see a few hidden gems being uncovered however with the issue surrounding Palm Trees is does create an element un unsustainability if problems around the world could increase.

The Review

Seven Potions have done a fantastic job creating a brand which feels timeless. The branding is clean and effortless but on the same side its punchy and eye catching combining the best of both in an overall gentleman elegances which can stand out in comparison to most others.

The oil itself gives a soft citrus burst which is not overpowering in the slightest. This is a hard balance to manage when dealing within any citrus aroma which can blow away any other hidden scents. The aroma has a slight fizz which is oddly reminiscent of a sherbet lemon or the scrapped lemon zest. This is pleasantly surprising and gives the product a twist to its traditional look and fizzes through your beard pleasantly for around 2 hours. As does most fizz there is a only a certain amount this can hold for which is where the sandalwood and cedarwood take over merging with the remaining lemon creating a aroma which is like a freshly picked lemon from a tree with is leaf's still in tact and lingers for a further 1 or 2 hours however external weather elements can play havoc on the subtle scent dropping it to an overall 2 hour max. The oil is a medium viscosity which seeps through your beard incredibly fast like a plant soaking up water however a lovely and visible coating still remains to indicate its been nourished and lasts around the 7 hour mark before the dry itch starts coming through.

The balm is a very soft with a slight grainy texture to it, whilst this isn't too much of an issue as any bumps melt down instantaneously with a rub together in your hands however it does show a slight imperfection which for me shows its still being hand made in smaller batches and I love. There is small amount of hold to the balm however for someone like myself with a decent length beard it does keep the unruly hairs in check with a nice amount of remould-able texture but no real defining hold which aims the balm marketing direction more towards the smaller to medium length beards. The focus of the balm is not about hold but nourishment is the aim of the game and this does it well like not many others. A week long use and the nourishment soaked into my beard feeling it softer than most before, even at times where there was no scent and I had a rough day my beard felt really nice and smooth like a normal set of head hair. Despite the added goodness there was always a slight waxy feeling whenever I touched my beard (yes I know, I shouldn't be doing that) however unlike others which could be quickly wiped away this almost stuck to my fingers needing a quick wash to remove. The scent duration was pretty much identical to the oil with a 4 hour window of citrus goodness without elemental weather reduction however the balm ingredients lasted past the 10 hour mark on most occasions.

The Conclusion

Seven Potions have created something for me which they should be really proud of. The marketing, brand design and direction is timeless, creating something which I feel will always be visually appealing. The oil and balm combo are really impressive creating products which soak in quickly but provide a depth of nourishment only matched by some of the best out there in the small batch industry. The scent longevity is a slight let down for me as I love a product which can hold its own against the elements however considering its such a subtle aroma it does an great job to last the small window of time that it does. I'm massively impressed with what Seven Potions have done and despite my nit picking flaws its definitely a product that will be staying in the top draw with some of my other favourites simply due to the balm nourishment factors.

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