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A Little Bit Of "Midsummer Magic" Produced By Odin's Beard Crafts

Updated: Mar 11

2022 welcomes a much needed return to reviewing for yours truly. I decided to go AWOL, enjoy my Christmas and like many people after the festive period, I have struggled to find my rhythm again. Clawing me back from the depths of self pity is By Odin's Beard Crafts who are back under the metaphorical microscope in another flutter of overly critical reviews aimed to provide feedback for the brand owner, existing and hopefully new customers. As ever, there are no boundaries and no punches are held back, so don't expect a generic review, or for me to say the products are simply amazing 20 times without providing at least some type of criticism. I also have plenty of other reviews on the UK Beard Portal for By Odin's Beard Crafts, so make sure you CLICK HERE and get involved in a community which cares about keeping the "safety" in Cosmetic Safety Product Report or CPSR for short. On the mention of community then joining our UK Beard Portal Discord Server is an absolute must. It will allow you to speak to other bearded gents, get some invaluable insider knowledge by some of the best small batch company owners, figureheads and all round know it all's. If you want to join then follow this LINK, and we will even give you a dedicated story shout out on our social media pages. REVIEW TIME By Odin's Beard Crafts are on their fourth review from this bearded bastard and show no signs of slowing down. Utilising previous constructive criticism, they have come back with a new carrier blend and new scent profile. By Odin's Beard Crafts are not only back but they are putting forward a vision which is matched only by the Almighty Odin himself.

Sustainability is not a new idea however a discussion which quite often gets ignored. By Odin's Beard Crafts takes sustainability seriously with improved packaging and a cheeky little message inside the box, which I agree with. Yes beards are cool and so is recycling. A fully recyclable box, packaging inserts and containers (after a rinse out) allows you to do your part. Its not much but we all have to start somewhere. Providing you with an option does not mean that the consumer will actually follow suit which is where By Odin's Beard Crafts has decided to take matters into their own hands. A donation to One Tree Planted for every product order, YES every product not every order, allows By Odin's Beard Crafts a small piece of mind that they are doing their part.

Within By Odin's Treasure Vault (where the products are made) you will find an array of liquid gold formulas which they blend into a carrier base for their oils. A few drops of Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Virgin Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, and Castor Oil, all begin to make a solid base which many of us see across some of our beloved brands. Using the wisdom of Odin himself has allowed an introduction of Moringa Oil, Baobab Oil, Rosehip Oil and Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil. A calculated concoction of thin, medium and thick oils combined with widely respected yet repetitive oils and ingredients which more than a few would never heard of. Now if you thought 10 ingredients was experimental then have no fear as By Odin's Beard Crafts is about to blow your tiny mind, with an incredible 14 ingredient beard butter. Consisting of Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Avocado Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Moringa oil, Virgin Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Baobab Oil, Sea Buckkthorn Fruit Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Castor Oil. By not changing the full carrier base, they take across all the goodness applied by the oil however added in a few extra goodies to ensure your facial fuzz is softer than the bosom of a passionate lover. Considering the UK market has been called boring, unadventurous, complacent and lacklustre, I would strongly suggest that these individuals check out By Odin's Beard Crafts. Whilst even I openly admit a large influx of copy and paste carrier blend formulas, found by a snippet of Google research has created distain of the UK market, the legalities surrounding it and has created a black mark which I'm sure not even Cilit Bang could remove. Legalities in place to protect the consumer yet seen as an informality or guidance, rather then actual legislation with fines or prison sentences attached, but hay what's the law there for anyway. They say that a genius mind quite often blurs the lines of greatness and madness, which in this occasion speaks volumes. A blend which in theory would seem to push the boundary too far, and allow only minimal beneficial bountifulness due to its excessive carrier blend, however see this as a gift from Freyja herself. An oil blend which is simply magical, almost unexplainable, and does more than I could ever anticipate. An elixir which glistens like a gushing, golden waterfall as it drops from the bottle into the palm of your hands. A silky smoothness overcomes your beard as the product begins to rub through the coarse hair follicles and deep into your skin. The oil clings to your beard like a Norse mother to her child on a bitterly wind chilled night, taking hold for 8+ hours until it succumbs to the inevitable. A magical metamorphosis takes place during the first 4 hours where the thin oils quickly penetrate the layers of the epidermis, allowing the cavalry of the thicker oils take its place on the battlefield of beard nourishment for another comfortable 4 hours. Perfectly balanced, every oil has a specific reason as to why it has earned its place within the bottle and truly, what a magnificent feat of craftsmanship and creativity to be held in such a small bottle. Take this meticulously magnificent blend and transforming it into a poured butter so smooth it could melt just by looking at it. A deeply enriching butter which provides 100% nourishment and 0% hold, exactly as its designed to. Even with a very generous usage, the product doesn't feel heavy, or greasy which can quite easily happen when using any beard butter. Most whisker management comes within the first 6 hours, with a slow decline beyond this point however even at the 12 hour mark I found the product still offering a great feel and protection from the elements. Continual, daily use works wonders with a chasmic difference on my Au Naturale days. Going from soft and nurtured during the weekdays to a weekend of coarse and dryness makes you appreciate even more how great the product is. A scent profile to match such a magnificent and majestic carrier blend is a Goliath task, in which David, portrayed as By Odin's Beard Crafts has decided to pick up their weapon in arms. Midsummer Magic is the aroma of choice and it wields a mighty blow of aromatic fragrances which is described as a floral woody base, topped with the scent of raspberries. The redolence of the scent profile is a summer success, a sweet yet slightly sour raspberry blasts throughout your sinuses, backed with softer notes of which I identify as possibly Sandalwood. An aroma which leaves you slightly nose blind beyond 4 hours, however, friends and families where still able to pick up the succulent aroma towards the 8 hour mark, especially in less active environments.

Conclusion The oils and butter blend are in my opinion some of the best on the UK market. Not only does it take very well respected ingredients but it brings something relatively new and adds an air of excitement. There's been very few occasions where I look at an ingredients list and felt genuinely excited. The new ingredients have taken a product which I loved already, and created something which I firmly believe should be an inspiration for anyone who wants to start up their own beard product company. Top quality ingredients, experimental carrier blends, listening to public feedback and 100% dedication to the product. I could quite happily retract my earlier statement of always being able to provide feedback however I have to save face. By Odin's Beard Crafts have switched to a dropper style applicator rather than a pipette, to which I just didn't like. I ended up pulling mine off just because I could and it gave me something to moan about. Oh, also one label on the butter tin was slightly wonky. It honestly shows how good these products are when my criticisms are not even with the product themselves but having to nit-pick over a label. On a final conclusion I can say that perhaps this scent profile won't be to everyone's liking however name me one unanimously liked scent profile anyway. I would like to see a more "mature" profile, perhaps an aftershave or cologne inspired scent for future, but this could take away from their brand identity. I want something a little more musky, earthy or "manly", something in which I feel has more use in a date night scenario rather than daily use. Based just on the way the products performed, I would recommend that anyone with any type of beard game, NEEDS to check out By Odin's Beard Crafts at least once. Please don't let this type of exciting and experimental brand go to the wayside because as a consumer you want to stick to the same ingredients, or same style of products. Step out and take a leap of faith on a brand who has potential to drive the UK market into a age of superiority.

Please Check Out By Odin's Beard Crafts By Clicking Here For The Website

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