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A Hybrid Mash Up... Best Or Worst Of Both Products?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Barnet Fair Essentials have been deep in development mode producing their new product "Sleek Hybrid Oil" to stand out in a heavily competitive market.

Straight away to any beard enthusiast this should prick your ears. "What's a hybrid oil" I hear you ask? Well I said the exact same thing when they ask me to test and review "Sleek"

Sleek is a specially developed "balm" and I use that term very loosely. Its pumped full of oils and additional extras like Vitamins to make it everything a beard could need.

It's has a extremely soft texture which when rubbed together blends straight into a oil mixture and rubs into the beard. The product is very similar to a non whipped butter with a slightly more oily consistency. Once applied the product sits within the beard nourishing the hair folics and skin itself. What i loved is that your beard feels fuller, as if the product has filled any little gaps in the beard and filled it with goodness waiting to nourish anything it can touch. The product lasts a long time with a stronger scent lasting a good 7+ hours and then after that point it slowly starts to fade however giving it a little rub then a subtle hint of it comes back again. This is outstanding for the modern gent who's out the house for 12+ hours a day. With a early morning start I could barely feel much difference come the evening however I could still feel the product softening my beard hairs.

This has become a great go to product, allowing me to utilise the skin nourishment of oils and softness of a balm all in one application. The overall product and current available tin size best suits a small / medium sized beard. To truly get the best from this product you want to really dose your beard thoroughly which obviously will take its toll on the product usage.

The packaging is simplistic with a metal tin and clean logo. The price is set at £7.95 for a 30ml tin. Whilst the tin is small, so is the price in comparison. This gives you the perfect chance to try the product out without having to spend too much money.

Barnet Fair Essentials have invested time into this product and it shows. If you like the oil + balm combo idea but have little spare time to self groom then give this a go. I promise that you won't be disappointed.

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