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A "Gold" Beard Butter by Crooked Anchor

Few things are certain in life but with birth, death and taxes pretty much being the only things we can guarantee however beard product reviews seem to be slowly appearing on that list. Crooked Anchor have decided to journey the slippery slope of finding a reputable reviewer *cough* to undergo serval product reviewers in order to gain a little bit of feedback and exploit the reviewers like dogs which we are. The Gold Beard Butter has been thrown into the mix with high expectations however will the review come back golden?

Outside The Tub

Protecting the Gold Beard Butter is a glass container suitable for 60ml or product with a black plastic screw top. A black wrapped around label with clear white labelling apart from the Gold Beard Butter writing makes nice contrast but not outlandish. Simple ingredients list and instructions are clearly labelled however the company address is not written on the which unfortunately it should.

The branding is simple, classic, elegant and there's nothing wrong with it but it's not exciting or eye-catching either. Personally I'm like a magpie and like to see things stand out, which this just doesn't do enough to scream for attention but takes a classy route instead.

Inside The Tub

Beard butters can make your beard feel soft and wonderful or greasy and overloaded. It's a fine line creating a perfect balance and a disaster butter but Crooked Anchor have decided their best route was a poured butter. These types of butter of still very popular however there has been a rise in popularity for the whipped variations. This poured butter has a base mixture of :

Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil. All ingredients are sourced to the highest grade ensuring a gold standard of ingredients.

This type of base is simplistic yet highly effective. The ingredients are pretty well known with approved usage however the avocado oil is something slightly new and exciting. It has been used before but its not widely apparent as an obvious ingredient so it's bringing a slight twist to a traditional base.

The essential oil mix is a lot more exciting thankfully and appears to bring a whirlwind of aromas. Mixing together patchouli, vetiver, Clove, ylang-ylang, amyris, sandalwood, Bergamot and sweet orange. The mix brings a stronger mix of base scents which should help the aroma to last longer with lighter top and middle notes which should help balance the overall profile.

The Review

Golden by name and golden by nature. Gleaming through the glass, within the container is a soft off yellow, golden butter which even from a glance looks amazingly poured and settled. Releasing the aroma from its capsule is like unleashing a genie from a lamp. I mean that as its an extremely confusing time and your become overwhelmed with what's happening. The aroma is not potent and powerful like a booted down door, nor can you smell it seeping through the crevices as you unscrew the lid, yet when you get a little closer it's an aroma which engulfs your senses and belittles every other odour in close vicinity. Move away and the aroma is still floating within the air but its softer and more subtle however step back toward the container and become engulfed again in a golden concoction. The sweet orange and bergamot gives a small amount of floral freshness from the start however this feels massively emasculated by the by the swirling mix of the other aromas providing a deeply rich, cologne and almost musky aroma which can be identified in some very high end aftershaves. The fresher floral does drop extremely quickly which is enviable when it's being hounded by its backing aroma for full control. Trying to really identify each individual scent from the mixture is almost impossible as the scents mixed are done so well but the combined aroma amalgamated into a single profile unlike anything else. The scent never really evolves after the initial floral/ sweetness loss of but keeps its deep, richness for around 4 hours, however you would often get a second essence which would float back through extremely softly beyond the 5 or 6 hour mark and then would swoop away again.

The base ingredients morph into a single golden butter which for me truly looks amazing as a top of the range poured butter. It's silky smooth but with a very slight firmness and emulsifies very quickly leave no lumps or bumps. Application for me was quite a bit more than the recommend pea size amount before I felt my beard was at it's point for nourishment. Rubbing into your beard was effortless which is to be expected and thanks to its mixture even allows a minimal amount of hold when sitting within your beard. The butter provides a deep rich nourishment whilst it was sitting in my beard however the butter would last around 7 hours before the dryness would take over and become irritable. Continual use and the whiskers felt great but they almost cried for more at times when the dryness would kick in and I'm still out on the road.


Crooked Anchor have created a really nice beard butter with great scent depth and nourishment however for me its not quite golden. I really enjoy these deep rich aromas as they can pull your from pillar to post trying to place the finger on each individual scent especially as the time goes on during the day. The scent profile does a nice job and with odd flutters of aromas pulling through past 6 hours, takes it into a category I'm happy to say is competitive but not the longest lasting which from an aroma dominated by base notes I would of expected longer. The beard butter texture was flawless and the feeling in beard was fantastic but for a butter I really want it to last slightly longer and take me to a full working day before I hit a dry beard. I am an outsider worker so weather does play havoc on my beard products but none the less I'm not keen on top ups.

The product is definitely up there in my list of favourites but due to its minimal flaws and my picky nature it doesn't take my top spot as golden boy.

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